Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas #2 and #3

The day after Halloween, Max asked when it would be Halloween, again. He was pretty baffled as the thought of having to wait an entire year. Everyday for the next week, he asked if it were Halloween yet. Then came my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas has been the only holiday that has earned the constant inquiring of it's return. This year, he got to have 3 Christmases. Christmas #2 at Grandma's house combined several of Max's favorite things, Halloween & Hanky. Max loves all of his cousins but holds a special adoration for Hanky (or, Buzz Lightyear).

Then we drove (and by "we," I mean, Eric drove all night) to California to have Christmas #3 with my family. Here is Max and the girls with my mom's cousins.

A cute picture of Kiri making a funny smiling face.

Eric holding the girls tandem.

Max in his ever adorable outfits.

Here is a picture of our first and only excursion out as an entire family to dinner...we left my parents' house at 4 o'clock to try to go to dinner and a walk...we only succeeded in going to dinner and that took 3 hours!!! After that experience, my brother said he was exhausted and was even more grateful to us for driving to visit them.

We were grateful to them for their gifts...particularly Max. He loved getting Mr. Conductor and completing his Dinosaur Train set!

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