Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas was quiet this year...but fulfilled all of my hopes. Max could not get over that all of the gifts were for him. He was pretty much content after the first two stocking stuffers. After Christmas at home, we will be partaking of two more Christmases, one in Evanston and one in California. Max won't know what hit him!

I made chocolate truffles for Eric to distribute to his colleagues.

Max, patiently awaiting Santa's arrival.

His loot! Thanks to George and Joan for getting all of the kids their own piggy bank! Max kept asking to take the girls' quarters and put it in his bank, because, 'they're so little, they don't need monies!'

After opening all of his gifts, Max graciously thanked Santa for his presents and then we cruelly told Max to stop playing with his toys and get ready for church...which he did...after many tears were shed.

I got some Justin Bieber can mock all you want, but every time I go to the mall, I spray a little, 'Someday' on me and invariably someone comes up to me and compliments my perfume and wants to know what it which I sheepishly reply, 'Someday' without mention of Justin Bieber.

Max said his favorite toy was this Iron Man's such a shame that Eric hid it underneath the bed and Max found it a few weeks ago and Eric had to tell him that it wasn't for him and that we were just keeping it for the neighbors. Even after opening it, Max asked if it was for him or the neighbor boy.

Max's favorite thing to do is to dress they are as Iron Man and War Machine. Eric got some Kenneth Cole sunglasses, some tap out stuff and a subscription to Entertainment Magazine.

Max picked out this gift for, when I cook, I can still play with him...he referred to me as Captain A-Mom-ica!

He pretty much sat like this the whole day recovering from sensory overload. We are so grateful for all of the blessings in our lives. I could not have received a single gift that would have made me more content than the three most precious gifts we have already been entrusted with. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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