Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hunsaker threre?


 So, we were lucky enough to get invited to go with some friends to their Lake House while they hosted a triathlon weekend at their house. With their medals...participatory ones, too!!!

While we didn't participate in the triathlon, I did engage in a few sporting endeavors that caused some major perspiration!  (I.E. Matt Tarbet, you're going down...I will not stop training to restore my honor! :)

 Our awesome neighbors, she rocks....
He husband is won third overall, he is so funny, we heard he was running around taunting people the whole race, telling them to hurry and that his wife was right behind them and was going to beat them!!!  He is a great teacher, I know he has helped guide Max a few times through some scary situations ( rock climbing, being in the water...) Max always says that, 'Will's dad is a good teacher, and he doesn't yell at me like you do.'
On the podium!
 Mom and daughter!
 the girls...Jenni, Brooke, Bradlie and Cammie...

who was concerned she was going to drown and surprised herself how well she did! (Good training)

This little girl Brighton is the most loved, happy, sweet little girl in the world! 

 Someone got a hold of my camera...

 we played volleyball...that was fun...we got a few good trampoline shots, too...

I love that you can tell girls you are going to take a picture and poses like this are struck!!!
Coolest.Shot. Ever.(2 times)

 There was a run in with some renters next door...frolicking on the Hunsakers' trampoline...NOT participating in the triathlon....but perhaps some other substances...
 Group shot...
 Blue Steel...I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! So fun!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


You ever wake up and think, "I want to dress up like a superhero,' well, since Eric was offered free tickets to Comicon (thanks, Thanos!) we thought we should, I tried on my costume from last year...
 within seconds, all three of the kids were dressed in costumes...

and the day was set...with neighbors to mock! and take pictures (that's Aspers)

My favorite part of the day started as we had to park quite a ways and were instructed to , 'follow the freaks that are dressed up.' (thank you helpful pre missionary parking attendant)
Eric, not being strong in the ways of the Jedi navigators, was uncomfortable with these vague, he was overjoyed when he spotted a 'freak in costume...' as I inspected this older woman in a red velvet dress and pearls I asked Eric is she was dressed up as a character I was unfamiliar with...just then, she turned the corner and entered the Salt Lake City Greek Festival (which was apparently being held down the block from Comicon!


 How dare you...she's a nice lady!!!!

 Soon the obvious patrons were surrounding us....Lego Movie...I pretty much love any movie that Will Ferrel is involved many all time favs...Austin Powers, King of the Hill, Wedding Crashers, Talladega Nights,Elf, Megamind, you've carried me through the years!
 I am so happy we brought the kids...they had so much fun (thanks Jay & Linda for offering!)
Twin Belles? The girls loved the princesses!
 Random guy with weird contacts!
 Some dad who went out and dressed up like spiderman
I got to meet Steve Sanders...he was so nice...and I fell for it all...hook line and sinker...he introduced himself, 'Hi, I'm Ian..." well of course you are I giggled..he shook my hand and gave me a hug and I think I babbled that I loved it all...'Sharknado, even the Christmas Hope...' sequel to the saddest Christmas movie EVER...the Christmas Shoes...I noticed he looked a little which Eric informed me that he is 50! Can it be...I looked it up and indeed, Steve the lovable orphan is in fact 50! He looked great for fifty! I was smitten and so lucky to have my husband sneak photographic evidence of it!
The coolest photo ever...they offer it as a free service!!! May the force be with our FHE lovin' family!!! A few more pics to come...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meeks 2014

 Let the gluttony commence!!! This summer seems to have flown by particularly fast! Meeks was upon us before we even realized it!
A beautiful flower along my trail back with the girls...back and forth back and forth!
 Grady and cute...Grady kept yelling, 'Kiri, Lia...I caught one, I caught one!!!!'

 This was a beautiful flower that reminded me of Kiri & Lia
 Eric was in heaven fishing all day! I was happy to see him enjoying himself so much...
 His work is not always condusive to happy or calm feelings!!!
 With a fish...
 watching daddy reeling in another fish
 three Phillips brothers all doing what they love!!!
 I made Kiri a Sparkly pink stick and Lia a sparkly blue one...though my most proud was the Wonder Woman (Super Human) puppet I made this year!
 expecto patronum!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Chiu Summer Fun in Wyoming!!

 My family came for a week to visit us in Wyoming this, we took them to the Gorge...

 Peter and Parker on the Chestnut's Dar
 It was great to spend time with my family at one of our favorite places...
 We also took them to a few splash parks...Blairtown being one of my favorite...Lia with her Triscuits and cottage cheese!
Devon and Kristina enjoying the sun
Lia, Kiri,  Marshall, Parker and Max
 On the way down...
 Max never let go of Parker's hand...sweet cousins!
 Me and Kiri...
 Me and Lia
 All of us...
One of my favorite things to see in bed!
 Our neighbor was kind enough to lend us his Razor for an afternoon...

 Eric, Peter and I engaging in a selfie! I was surprised how many people thought that my brother was Max!
 An afternoon in Green River...on the Buzz Swing
 The girls having fun.. Lia and Kiri
 Silly sisters!
 A family shot
 The kids on a visit to Eric's office downtown...
 A recreation of a previous Thermopolis family much fun!!!
 Little sun shines of my life...
Outside the Thermopolis hot springs much fun!!!We went to a restaurant called the front porch where they served the most delicious brother, mother and I split the German Burger (a Reuben sandwich on a hamburger), a Lobster Melt and a Brie, apple and Turkey Melt...Max had the BELT, Bacon, Egg salad, Lettuce and Tomato a Phillips household fav!!! It was so great having them here for a week...I can't wait until they can come again...hopefully with my dad next time. With Peter and Kristina expecting baby girl Chiu this fall...we might have to wait for a little.
The very next day, Max woke up and was so sad Pua-Pua wasn't there...he just cried and cried...Break. My. Heart. Awe miss you and can't wait for you guys to come back!