Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Family Photos

This summer we took family photos in Evanston...

Julie wanted a picture with all of the Phillips grandchildren.You don't anticipate how difficult that is going to be to get so many children to look at the camera and smile...it was the wildest thing...the moment the photographer would start taking a picture...there were just countless parents hooping and hollering to get their kids' attention...
Here is a great shot of Eric an his siblings and parents.

I love this candid shot of the girl...so sweet...

Here is my favorite of the kids...Lia and Kiri at this time were almost 3 and Max is 5

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Calling all Justice League Members...there's Been a Murder!!!!!

 This Year we decided to have a Super Hero murder Mystery Party...

 Luckily...Max had a plethora of decorations to choose from!
 Botanica and Burly Man
 Gothica and the General
 Stingmata and Fairy Avenger
  Mr Wonderful and Granny Girl

Red Wonder and Bron
The  Host Hulk and Electra

Wonder Mouse and Nolan was nice enough to  switch out for a late player to attend
 The Power couple...Nerdon and Blue BLaze!!!
 Animalia, Electra and Wonder Mouse

 in the middle you can see Rabbitron and the Wisher
Nerdon immediately after he was MUrDEreD!!!!!!
 Nerdon being tested by Rabbitron with her super Carrot!
 Pogo Girl and her husband as the Jester

We missed a few people here and there (like, Vampo Man...) and there were a few mix ups with the characters(...Neil and Nolan)

          ...But after all is said and done, we hope everyone had a great time and know that we tried our best to provide an evening filled with the sincerest of kind wishes and friendly Christ-like bonding!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pumpkins Pumkins pumpkins!!!!

 lots and lots of cute pictures of them and pumpkins!!!

 I love the falling leaves of fall!!!
 I love how much the lady selling the caramel apples loves my girls !!!!
 Eric and the kids scraping...I was the official carver

 Max and his friend Faith...never a dull moment with these two... I went to take care of the girls for a sec and when I came back...red and black Spidermen appeared!!!

we really had the best Halloween season this year!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

the girls turn three at Frightmares

So, the girls turned three this year and as they haven't started school or established a set group of friends, we didn't feel the need to force a party on them...so, even though we had come up with a sleeping beauty theme ( blue for Lia and Pink for Kiri) on the morning of...we decided to leave it up to them...we asked them what they would like...and they chose Frightmares!!!!!

 they both dresses up as their respective princesses and off we went!

 Max also was  a great sport and dressed up as the FlASH!!!!
 the picture says it all, "Just hangin around at Lagoon!!"
 So cute and happy!!!
 I could eat her up!!!
 ...and her!!!!!
 Cutest little girls ever!!!!!
 It really was so much fun!!!!

 It got pretty chilly but we were prepared!!!
 really one of the best days/nights!!!
 so happy we chose to go, Thank you, Eric, for not only suggesting it, but also driving the whole way!!!
 I loved this picture!!!
 so happy to have a family that participates!!!!

 They let you in with the Zombies...
 My kids weer not concerned!!
 They also had an amazing cast performing all sorts of Halloween songs!!!
 I could not ask for more!!!
 So proud of this big brother who has really come into his own...he's loving and kind and has a generous heart and protects them and loves them as I could only wish for them!
 Best DAY EVER!!!! Happy birthday to the best girls who are so different and such a delight in our family...so clear in their distinct personalities, one is so happy to be the center of attention..the other enjoying the background...one liking to just cuddle and sleep more...the other loving to tease and play tricks...one loves 'salad' while the other prefers meat and cheese...both such loving and kind girls who love nursery and care for their brother...I could not ask for more...without a doubt, my children are proof to me that Heavenly Father has greater blessings than we could ever imagine or hope for.