Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!!

Lucky the Leprechaun ( cousin of Lucky the Elf on the shelf) visited us this year, again...peeing in our potty and turning our milk and eggs green!Max was excited to share his Leprechaun findings with his friends at preschool!
some(Lia) loved it....

 Some (Kiri) didn't...
But everyone had fun celebrating St Patrick's day with green rolls, corned beef and cabbage and an array of green tinted delights!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hanky's Baptism!!!!

 Here's a picture of Eric banking a shot at our church basketball tourney! They made it to the semi-finals...it was a hard loss since they won the entire thing last year! The one good thing about Eric's team not making it to the finals is that we were able to make it to Hanky's baptism on time!!!
 Here's the only group shot I was able to get...unfortunately, we were missing Geoff, Carli, Chuck and some others!!! It was so much fun hanging out with everyone.
 Kiri getting out of the car...'by self.'
 She loves dresses and pretties and sweets!
 We matched because...if you know me at all...I love to match!!!
 Jody made the cutest rainbow cupcakes...and Kiri was very distraught when she discovered that she had lost her rainbow!!!
 Though it did not stop her from devouring the entire cupcake!!!
I love this picture of Lia because the speck of red on her hand is not chocolate or frosting or skittles (though those were readily available at the brunch)  it is, in fact, her treat of choice, tomatoes...she loves all things fibrous...cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, zucchinis, mushrooms...such a funny little girl!!! We were happy to see Hanky get baptized, Max was so happy to be able to sing with the other kids, "If Jesus stood beside me." Kiri was very intrigued by the bath Hanky took with Uncle Geoff in their white clothes. How time flies...I remember the first time I saw Hanky, he was barely one and sitting shirtless with those big beautiful eyes eating a cracker! We are so proud of the great decisions he has made and what a wonderful boy he is. Congratulations and thank you for letting take part in your special day!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Mom's Banana Bread

 Growing up, my brother and I rarely had sweets in our home...my mother never bought apple juice, we ate Cheerios...the yellow box, my mom never made cookies...but she did make BANANA BREAD!!! Why is it a bread and not a cake like carrot cake...because between the two...I would definitely think a carrot would make more of a bread and a banana more of a cake...after much baking...I've come to the conclusion that it was mislabeled...I mean you shred carrots into cake...but you shred zucchini into a bread...you mash bananas into a bread...it boggles the mind...but, alas, I digress...banana bread...the sweet smell of it baking in the oven is still such a treasured memory for me, one that instantly envelopes me with a warm comforting feeling of my mom's love...I have tried to continue the tradition with my kids...

Apparently it also holds the same wonderful association for my girls...they quickly gathered all of their play tools to help me  make some banana bread!!!!

 I love this picture because you can tell that Kiri just started her turn on the baby blender...Lia is so cute pouting!!!
 Kiri loves being a little mommy!
 Don't forget the bananas!!!!
Lia is so playful and eager to help. Her vocabulary and speaking skills are finally blossoming...I think it took her a little time because she had to compete with 'Baby Kiri talks- a-lot.'

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Firefighter Max at Fire District #1

 Max's preschool class went to the local fire station and they needed another driver, so I got to take the girls there, too.
 Max and his friends, Firefighter Carter, Firefighter Max, Firefighter Andy, Firefighter Kadence.
 The girls had a great time...their favorite part was the fire safety cartoon and the Popcorn!!!!
 what must it be like to live in a world where popcorn and getting lifted up to where you want to sit are your day's biggest concern!!!

 They had this awesome fire safety trailer...it simulated a fire and what to do...
 they taught them how to climb out a window...how to check the doors for heat, they even had simulated smoke with steam!!!
 they had the kids yell for help
 Good thing Max had his Omnitrix with him!!!
 Meeting spot for safety
 I had to find one where all the kids were looking at the camera and none had fingers in places they didn't belong!!
 They even had little Junior firefighter hats for the kids to take home!!!
Max & his sisters had a great time...Max's only qualm with the day was that they didn't have full size candy bars like they did at Halloween!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sisters Just Wanna Dance!!!!!

 So, the girls started dance lessons a few weeks ago. 

 We first tried gymnastics, but the girls didn't care for the balance beams or rings like their mom...they only cared for one part of the program...Just dance!!!
 When the older girls were practicing their dance programs, Kiri and Lia couldn't be kept off the floor (and kept up pretty well, if I do say so myself)!

 Fortunately there is a dance studio here called just that! Their first lesson at the Just Dance studio came before their Ballet shoes, tutus and accessories all arrived...surprising how much something so little can cost so much!!!
 Kiri was so good about listening and keeping her mark!
 Even if sometimes she was facing the wrong direction...she stayed true to her mark
 Silly little ham!
 Kiri was the happiest once she got her princess wand.
 Lia was lucky enough to get the only purple wand...and eagerly showed Kiri.
Lia was a lot more hesitant to participate in the beginning, but really warmed up after a while...I'm so happy for them that they have each other, hopefully always a source of confidence and an alliance in love!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SHHHH, it's Eric's Birthday!!! Brat Bar!

 Also, that was the text that went out to our friends and family...it was hard to get numbers since my broken phone has been the bane of my existence.  My phone in repair has cause quite a few funny antics...a friend who is a fire fighter and consequently has to frequent the bars while on duty thought that this was in invite to an actual bar since my temporary number was not programmed into his phone.
 Eric at one of his favorite places in the world.
 We took the girls for some ice cream and play time at the Burger King Playland....we tried to take them to Arthur park first, but the wind was too fearsome!
 Kiri LOVES her sweets!!!
 Max is such a sweet boy, growing to be such a helpful big brother. I remember when he would con other little kids to carry him to the top level of the play structure.
 Cute girls, they love to be around each other!
 So, Carli called and apologized for not being able to come, since my phone number was changed, I didn't receive her texts telling me to delete the message that would ruin the surprise....AGGHH that cursed phone!!!
 We had every topping imaginable, we had onions, animal style onions, Hawaiian dogs, Greek dogs, Picnic dogs, curry wurst, PB & J (that's a nod to Cat Christensen), CHilli Dogs...it was great fun!!!
 My good friend Bonnie brought the "Cake" these hot dog cookies were a hit and the kids could not get over the mustard and ketchup frosting!!!
 Max and his friend Coen
 Kiri snuck about half a dozen of these cookies.
Eric and his birthday present from himself...he is such a funny guy! Happy birthday to a great husband and father who keeps us laughing and loved all the time! Happy birthday, old man!!!!