Thursday, May 29, 2014

Goodbye, 616 Talladega!

 As you may have noticed, we have not been the most consistent in our blogging as of late...most of that is due to the fact that we have been preparing to sell our home and purchase a new home...all of it has taken longer than expected with a few more bumps along the way. It all started when a family in our ward was moving to Kemmerer and needed a home...We then called our realtor in March about possibly putting our Rock Springs house on the market in April to get a jump on the rush...that was on a Wednesday...she called us on Thursday with a potential buyer and asked if we could show it the next day..."no," was our reply...but perhaps on the following Monday...we didn't sleep for 94 hours cleaning, de-cluttering and decorating...but it was worth it as we had an asking offer by that Monday evening...with a contingency that we would be out in 30 days...needless to say, it has been a process!

Immediately, it was as if a made for television montage of all of our happiest moments began playing, "...Show me that smile again.. Don’t waste another minute on your cryin..."

Here are a few pictures for our memories...some of the best...I was still pregnant with the girls when we first moved in... 
 Max was about to begin preschool...
 and now the girls are about to start...
 We hadn't started our first play group yet...Max didn't know very many kids in the neighborhood

We're nowhere near the end
The best is ready to begin. 

 We were just starting to navigate in the new ward and hadn't started socializing too much many wonderful memories of backyard BBQ's, dinner parties, play groups, friends dropping by, Christmases, Halloween when my mom was still here taking care of the girls while we actually trick or treated as a family, Thanksgiving with Keith & Charayye right after the girls were born, Christmas with our Lucky elf on the shelf, elf hunts, Easter egg hunts (in the bathtub with Ben 10)...pulling up to the garage and hearing the kids yell, "we're home!!!"...knowing where everything is in the house...being able to drive home without even thinking about it...still driving there sometimes...

Appropriately, we had a sign that hoped, "All who enter as strangers, leave as friends... Goodbye 616 Talladega drive, you've been so good to us...we will miss you!!! We only lived there 3, this may be a bit melodramatic...but I am feeling nostalgic...

As long as we got each other
We got the world spinnin right in our hands.
Baby you and me, we gotta be
The luckiest dreamers who never quit dreamin!!!!!!    

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mothers' Day in California

 All of the kids loved how sweet the oranges were in California...
 One of my favorite outdoor shopping malls...they have the greatest little bakery...
 Cute little Lia-dore...she's so adventurous, fun-loving and sporty!
I kept this side ways so I could retain the size...look how cute these cousins are!

 Mini Peter (Devon) is the cutest! He and his brother will be welcoming a little sister later this year!
Kiri & Lia are obsessed with Ariel, the Little Mermaid and when we happened upon her and Rapunzel, Lia Freaked!!!!

Here we are visiting my grandparents' memorial site...
 I don't know why I really love this makes them all seem like such real little adults.
There is an almost exact picture of me at this age, at this very pier with a little Hermit Crab.
Max was a little distraught that he couldn't buy me anything for Mothers' Day...but after I told him time is all I wanted and maybe a card...he drew dozens of these little pictures for me and left them through out the mother just said that as she was cleaning up after our departure, she's still found a few! Cute boy...
 This is actually the day after Mothers' Day...we were at a park and were about to go home when Max asked if we could walk, my Mom took the girls and we walked the mile was so much fun! Afterwards, Max noted, "that wasn't tiring at long as you tell stories and don't even notice the walking...remember when it was always like that...before the girls!?" Break.My. Heart!
 I love how he writes his lower case "a"...with a little curly tail...and he'll take his sweet time with the cute!!

 Kiri is getting so brave..she just loves swings, dancing, tumbling...   sweet girl!!!
The kids walking to the beach at my parents' house
 matching girls! I love how when Kiri says, "I love you," or kisses you, she'll close her eyes!
 She's so tender heart-ed...but she walks into a party like she is walkin' onto a yacht...she always has one eye on the mirror...
 Lia...starting to let go of some of her shyness...
 They really compliment each other and from time to time, I re-read the notes I took at their baby blessings and am amazed all over at how wonderful and powerful the priesthood is.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

At the Police Station with the Boys Scouts

 I was recently called to assist with the Bears and I have been loving it, mostly because I was called to assist one of my close friends who is also uber organized...this was the day we went to visit the Rock Springs Police Station.
 I got to bring my's Max, apparently showing some trepidation at all of the armed police officers...
 These little girls were so facsinated with the punch dummy
 Here's one of our Bears getting fingerprinted
 The girls hugging it out...
 After they got to see the are the police officers practice
 Max, being arrested and hand cuffed...looking like he lost his initial fear...
May this never really happen!

Chef, cook, pastry maker, dough puncher, the Baker King...

 One day Max's preschool class made bread rolls, his teacher, Mrs. Heidi, said that Max was the only one who decided to shape their roll...can you tell what it's supposed to be?

 I thought he did a great job!!

 Here is a picture of the Sphinx...

 He were are with Max when he was just one year old.

Here we are in front of the Three Pyramids on a Camel. Love this boy!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!!

Lucky the Leprechaun ( cousin of Lucky the Elf on the shelf) visited us this year, again...peeing in our potty and turning our milk and eggs green!Max was excited to share his Leprechaun findings with his friends at preschool!
some(Lia) loved it....

 Some (Kiri) didn't...
But everyone had fun celebrating St Patrick's day with green rolls, corned beef and cabbage and an array of green tinted delights!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hanky's Baptism!!!!

 Here's a picture of Eric banking a shot at our church basketball tourney! They made it to the was a hard loss since they won the entire thing last year! The one good thing about Eric's team not making it to the finals is that we were able to make it to Hanky's baptism on time!!!
 Here's the only group shot I was able to get...unfortunately, we were missing Geoff, Carli, Chuck and some others!!! It was so much fun hanging out with everyone.
 Kiri getting out of the car...'by self.'
 She loves dresses and pretties and sweets!
 We matched because...if you know me at all...I love to match!!!
 Jody made the cutest rainbow cupcakes...and Kiri was very distraught when she discovered that she had lost her rainbow!!!
 Though it did not stop her from devouring the entire cupcake!!!
I love this picture of Lia because the speck of red on her hand is not chocolate or frosting or skittles (though those were readily available at the brunch)  it is, in fact, her treat of choice, tomatoes...she loves all things fibrous...cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, zucchinis, mushrooms...such a funny little girl!!! We were happy to see Hanky get baptized, Max was so happy to be able to sing with the other kids, "If Jesus stood beside me." Kiri was very intrigued by the bath Hanky took with Uncle Geoff in their white clothes. How time flies...I remember the first time I saw Hanky, he was barely one and sitting shirtless with those big beautiful eyes eating a cracker! We are so proud of the great decisions he has made and what a wonderful boy he is. Congratulations and thank you for letting take part in your special day!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Mom's Banana Bread

 Growing up, my brother and I rarely had sweets in our mother never bought apple juice, we ate Cheerios...the yellow box, my mom never made cookies...but she did make BANANA BREAD!!! Why is it a bread and not a cake like carrot cake...because between the two...I would definitely think a carrot would make more of a bread and a banana more of a cake...after much baking...I've come to the conclusion that it was mislabeled...I mean you shred carrots into cake...but you shred zucchini into a mash bananas into a boggles the mind...but, alas, I digress...banana bread...the sweet smell of it baking in the oven is still such a treasured memory for me, one that instantly envelopes me with a warm comforting feeling of my mom's love...I have tried to continue the tradition with my kids...

Apparently it also holds the same wonderful association for my girls...they quickly gathered all of their play tools to help me  make some banana bread!!!!

 I love this picture because you can tell that Kiri just started her turn on the baby blender...Lia is so cute pouting!!!
 Kiri loves being a little mommy!
 Don't forget the bananas!!!!
Lia is so playful and eager to help. Her vocabulary and speaking skills are finally blossoming...I think it took her a little time because she had to compete with 'Baby Kiri talks- a-lot.'