Friday, January 1, 2016

Merry christmas

Cutest. Bat. Brothers. EVER!
Fun at a baptism of a great family friend.
Santa in Bunning park.
The festival of lights parade...four years in a row.
Max was adopted into our Bishops family...why, Max, why?!! can tell baby d is turning 6 months as he is rolling, eating and has clear stranger Danger issues...look at that cute face!!

Lucky the elf came and visited us for the third year and the girls loved getting his lucky candy in the advent calendar and reading the books he brought us each night

...night 11 the girls go their very own Book of Mormons!

We wish Lucky had brought more luck to the Cougars in their final game...but, we know who Baby D was rooting for!
Speaking of Stranger Danger, Lia is still very wary of Santa Claus and refused to sit on his, Eric sat instead!
We were interested to realize Lia has no issue with Mrs. Claus as we were shocked to see Lia let Mrs. Claus kiss her on the cheek!

Waiting for a horse drawn sleigh ride with Santa

On Santa's lap at the ward Breakfast...This was a great year for us and we could not have asked for more...presents were not super abundant this year as it seemed like a year for much more giving rather than receiving...and those are the best years indeed.

Thanksgiving at Snowbird!

 We had Thanksgiving at Snowbird in Park City, Utah this year...and what a way to begin the overeating indulgences with an all you can eat buffet of a Snowbird was amazing!!!

 We told max that he could eat whatever he chose and that we would not limit him, this one day of the year...and I don't think he ate all that much more than I would have served him...too many choices!!
 Gotta love this adorable picture of the Phillips men three generations D looks particularly cute in this picture!!
Grandpa holding baby looks like he is flying in his little superhero pajamas!

 Adam posing for his, 'ode to Disneyland' picture...

 a view out the window from our table

 the view from the other side of the table...

 There was a server there who would offer 'special' customers the wish bone and the girls were lucky enough to make the they are posing right before they made their wishes and broke the bone...which split perfectly in half by the's a charmed life for my two twin girls!

 Relaxing (recovering) from our massive Thanksgiving brunch! So much to be Thankful for this year!
Wonderful children, family, friends, health, and time spent together enjoying the best blessings in life.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

For my birthday week...the kids chose to go to that Yogurt shop and we all ate mango FroYo! Well, everybody but Baby D.
 My friends took me to Chopsticks where we had Chinese food and Sushi...hence my Unagi tongue!
 Eric gave me the best present and we all flew to California to visit my we are at the final trip to Coney's before it closed in late November! We went on one of our first dates to Coney' many fun sad to never have Cherry cheesecake Amaretto Custard again!

Baby D was a spectacular traveler...he had all of the flight attendants eating out of his chubby dimpled hands!
Picture from my parents' house

long awaited Dim Sum with Chicken feet for one of my birthday meals!!!! MMM MMM Good!!

Peter, Kristina & the kids all came over and brought this jumper for Damian which he LOVED!!!!
I  had to mock Eric for his love of energy drinks that in his desperation for on, he purchased this 'Go, girl' at target!

 After the quick trip to celebrate my birthday with my family we came back to see Mary Poppins with the kids, it's always fun to see friends at community events, Kiri didn't make it past the opening scene

 But Max and Lia had a great time...Eric and the kids taking a selfie at intermission

3rd murder mystery party was a smash...a monster smash!

 We held our third annual murder mystery party and it was great fun...
 the day of the party, I think Eric and I question why we put it on and if we will host another the following year...
I think it's a testament to how much fun we have when it's all said and done we immediately are planning for the following year's party theme and guest list. This year we had some new guest; the Hunters, Johnsons & Wheelers...and they maid it a spectacular year...we were happy to have some familiar faces with the Aspers, Leathams, Rachel Tarbet (next year we are finally going to schedule it so that Matt can attend!), Jesica Nacey (Next  year Josh will be home safe and sound from his tour in the military), Chestnuts & Bowens...we missed the Hunsakers, Carlsons, Smith's and lost the Hanbergs this year as they moved from Rock Springs to Afton

Friday, December 4, 2015

Zombie Prom


 This year's witch party theme was Zombie prom
 Zombie angry

 Zombie happy

 Jessica and Emily goofing around

 Rachel goes all out every year she was my vote for Zombie Prom queen
 Jessica found this awesome Mori Lee dress at the goodwill
 Jenni and her pretty in pink
 I love. this. dress. Bethany
 Cammie looked like Cinderella...well, not in this photo...
 Jen managed to direct the Primary program, have a two hour rehersal and still make it to the Zombie prom on time and in costume...
 we had some mishaps with the dress Zipper and makeup...but my date didn't seem to mind.
 For the white elephant I got a bag of poop from Rachel...MMM MMM chocolate brownie turd! It was a great girls' night out and I was honored to be included. Melinda really puts on a great show!

Downtown stroll

 this was our fourth year participating in the downtown stroll...Max was captain America his first year and the girls weren't even was our first year in Rock springs...
What a difference a few years makes!