Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I give you Cuesta Park!!!...A visit with George!!!

  George and the kids! They LOVED picking their own oranges!
 We drove to see George and he let us and the kids pick some oranges from his tree!!!
You can see Kiri's face is full of terror due to the mutated lemon that Eric is holding and they are convinced is some sort of Alien!!
 Lia picking her orange.
 George and the kids! They LOVED picking their own oranges!
 The girls...looking cold and coool!
I love their personalities!
Eric always tells of a trip when they were younger, before the days of cell phones and GPS's and how his dad spent hours looking for this park...and after his frustration was finally appeased by his success...he happily said the infamous line, "I give you, Cuesta Park!" only to realize they were not anywhere near, when we drove to George's and I saw Cuesta park on my phone only a mile or so away, I had to stop for a photo op!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Easter 2015 and Parker's 4th birthday!!!

 Eggs... here are the eggs we made to let the Easter Bunny know that we were at my Parents' house in California for Easter this year...
Eric is always get very into decorating his egg!!!
 The girls loved decorating their eggs!!
 here are the girls at the park near my parents' house.
 we stopped off for some coconut soft serve!!!! MMM MMM good!
 the girls always had to pick a bundle of flowers every time we went out anywhere...I'm surprised my mom's flower bushes had any flowers left!!!
At my brother's house for his oldest son Parker's 4th birthday! Max, Lia, Kiri, Devon, Sierra & Parker! Parker is into star wars and max had the baker write th4e message that went along with his card..."come join the dark side and have cake!!"
one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid and it was too hot, was to walk on the pier...and the kids loved it too!!!
Kiri was grossed out that the fish had blood on it.
she is such a character!!
  Here are the cousins at my granddfather's grave site.
 Parker and Kiri
  Here is a picture of my dad with my uncle who has been one of his best friends since he was in elementary school...and it is so my dad...when his cousin was of marrying dad great would that be if I set up one of my best friends with my cousin...and the rest is history!

 Dim sum!
 Craving those Chicken Feet!!!!
 the girls playing in the parking lot!!!
 The Easter Bunny Came!!!
 MMM! Chocolate!!! Kiri and Lia stopped looking for eggs after awhile and just started taking out of Max's Basket...boys, was he livid when he realized what they were doing!!!
 he even left one in the mail box!!!

my dad and the kids after the BEST dinner!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

 The kids love running around the house looking for all of the tracks and pranks our little Leprechaun made around the house...that door will not be our door come this summer! YEA!!!!!

 We celebrated St. Patrick's day with friends and food...what could be better?

 Rainbow jello!!!!
 Max wore green so as to not get pinched...the shirt, however, did not save him from being squashed & smashed by his sisters...
 ...Lia's such a little faker!!!!!
 here is a picture of them the Sunday before St. Patrick's day 2015...
Pure silly!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A day in the life of Winter 2014-2015

 Max has been loving Kindergarten,...he loves His teacher, Mrs. Lewis, his friends, reading, and writing...he also loves having me pick him up from school and walking home together everyday...
 On special days we would go and have a treat...his special treat of choice is still always McDonald's...
 The girls have loved their play groups, story time at the library, their shows, Sophia the First (Sophia the Worst according to Max), Little Mermaid, Team Umi-Zoomi, bath time (bath hour), princesses and Disney's amazingly profitable Frozen and it's accompanying paraphernalia...

 ...they also love noodles...always with the noodles!!!

 Max still loves being a super hero...fighting the bad guys!!
Eric's birthday celebration at Jim & Julie's with Banana cream pies...

 ...and cousins!!!! They had their own picnic in the back yard.
 a floating bubble kit with special catching gloves was one of the gifts in Eric's treat bag for his birthday...the girls loved it!!!
they each wore one of their dominant hand Kiri (right) Lia (left) cute!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pizza party with Will!

We had a play date one night and asked will what he would like for dinner...he replied,
"pizza, pizza or pizza..." so, we made ended up being a blast!

will with his Pizza...
Kiri waiting for the Pizza's to finish and writing a menu...
Lia, ready and waiting to help take the pizza's out of the oven...

Here are the four kids finished times...