Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Welcome Damian Eric Phillips!!!

 all of our kids were delivered in Evanston by Dr., we didn't want to rock the boat...but circumstances changed and we had to find a local doctor...we were fortunate to be put together with one of the very best doctors in the area...Dr. Wheeler...he instantly put us at ease and we knew he was supposed to deliver baby Damian...
 It was crazy I checked in at five in the morning and they started giving me Pitocin around 8:30...Dr. Wheeler got there around 845 and broke my bag and said I was Dilated to a 4 and could get my epidural at anytime...then they kept upping the Pitocin and around 9:00 I still rated my pain at a 2 to my mother went home to switch with 915 it started really hurting and Eric wasn't there yet so I asked the nurse to have the anesthesiologist come for the epidural...he came quickly within 15 min...around was Steve Croft, whom I was in scouts with...awkward...
 but I asked to wait another 10 minutes to see if Eric would get there in that 10 minutes it went from a four or five to like an eight

every contraction rated higher on the pain scale...Eric got there at 9:57 and I was fully dilated ...there was no time for an epidural...and Dr. Wheeler came in and Damien's official birth time was 10:15!
He was ready...and there was no stopping him!!! Welcome, Damian Eric Phillips! Born June 17, 2015

The Card Max made me...when I asked where the sisters were he replied, "Are you kidding me....I was too stressed...I had no time to draw the sisters!"
Here is Damian at his one week checkup...he was already past his birth weight and was our only baby without jaundice!!! His circumcision went great and is already all healed and his belly button fell off at 10 days exactly... love our little  "DD."

Monday, June 29, 2015

Father son Camp out

 Eric and Max got to go on the father son camp out this year right before the baby is due...they had a blast!!!!

 We got our camper just in time for the camp out.

This is my favorite picture!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Schools out for the summer...'whicka-what? did that happen so fastly?!'

this year came and went with a blink of an eye....there was a neighborhood celebration of the school year coming to an end...and max loved each moment of it...
silly string was a must...
Max and Kiri fighting over a can...
I finally gave Max his own can to spray others*
*so long as I was excluded from said list of 'others'
Kiri and Lia Had a difficult time with the silly string spray and how tight it was...each time the can went off I would look over and see that she had accidentally sprayed herself or her sister!
after the initial festivities...I asked the girls to ride their bikes with me to get the mail...knowing that this would seem like a drastic let down...I was surprised and impressed by their eagerness to comply.
right as we rounded the corner and the bouncy house was in sight we were greeted by Max and a plate full of treats he had gotten for us..."see, mom, I picked the two pieces of bread with the most cheese for the girls,' because that's how much I love them. One worries as a mother that you are not doing all you can to train them to face the world...I believe this is proof that my mothering style is indeed love with/by food, just as my mother did...I remember the night before I got married...very nervous and full of questions...wanting desperately to have my mom calm my naive fears...her answer, 'let's make banana bread,' and went to bed before it was done baking...
cutest little Brighton.Ever.
You're my Popsicle, from the very first time I met you girl, you captured me!
I can hear Kiri saying, "I mean who doesn't like Popsicle?"
Max and Emme...aah, young love...
there's a ladder that goes from one cul-de-sac to the other bridging one house to our next door neighbors...
Emme and Max were my helpers in making some food for the block luck!
how could you have a bouncy house without some healthy (and totally safe and signed for liability papers) adult competition?! Here are some square offs that I captured!
they're laughing because I made them fave off like they do in the UFC match ups...
 without a doubt a hit with all!!!

such fun friends and great food!!!

after the dads got off work it was great relaxing and felt just right!
then the water balloons came out...

...and the launcher...
my kids loved the need to throw them...they just liked holding them...all night...
they were so cute....
How lucky we feel to be blessed to have such fun opportunities and happy times for our family, friends and kids!
I felt like this pictured some of the satirical aspects of the night...all the mom's watching over and caring for each others' children while the husbands are talking something about boats? We are all blessed with great husbands and partnerships in life...and I've always felt a partnership with absolutely no friction is not working together perfectly, just separately. What a wonderful way to start the summer!!!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Max's Kindergarten Graduation!!!

 We got to sit in the perfect seat to catch all of his funny faces!
 This is Tyler, our next door neighbor...who thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the festivities!!
 Eric surprised Max and got out of court and was able to see the entire graduation ceremony that Max was a part of...
As you can see... we live in a generation of  techno-geeks

 Cute Lia...

 I love my Max!
 Max was chosen to be one of the four in his class to speak on October
 " I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America ..."
 When I Grow up I want to be...a scientist to come...
 Kisses to us!!
 Max and his Teacher Mrs. Lewis...
 The original three musketeers! all for one and one for all...Max, Faith & Addy

Ogden for Grace Catherine's blessing, Audrey's birthday & adam's twin's birthday!

 We got to go to Ogden to visit Annie & Bryan for their baby blessing and see their amazing home! It's like a is so well thought out and the back yard is a California girls' lush and can imagine their girls getting swept away while reading something like the secret garden! It also happened to be Audrey's birthday and so we celebrated sans cake as she doesn't care for cake...with a HUGE COOKIE!!!
 Max was so happy to play the weekend and go to church with cousins and eat yummy foods!!!
Adam and Camille's twins also got to celebrate their birthday while family was all was a great weekend...we were only sad we couldn't stay longer and that I did not take more pictures!!!