Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sapporo opens in Rock Springs!

we learn in church that there is opposition in all things, light to dark, good to evil, only made sense that on the opening day of Sapporo to our little city, Baby D would have to get was much less dramatic (for me as well as for Baby D- funny how that works) than when Max got his stitches some 6 years prior. We called our good friend/Doctor, Jeff and made a makeshift operating table on our kitchen table and within in hour or so, Baby D was enjoying the drums, fire and food at Sapporo.
I think the drums were his favorite part!
...the fire was nice, too..
We celebrated two of our friends' birthdays at Sapporo
Their daughter was not a big fan of the fire shooting out of her mommy's head
dual Birthday candles!
Baby D was a seasoned Sapporo patron by the time we went with the rest of the kiddos!
Kiri got squirted by the mini toilet...and after she was the only one to catch the zucchini in her mouth (which she has now decided is one of four vegetables that are on her like list!)
Lia said, "I knew you were going to squirt me with your toilet thingy!!!"
The chef was such a fan of the kids that he made them all balloon animals/swords and asked to take a picture with them on his phone! Sapporo is definitely a crowd favorite amongst the Phillips' clan!

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