Friday, December 23, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Max has decided that he likes chocolate ice can you stay mad at that face?!?! Incidentally this picture was taken at 11:15 at night, we walked out into the dinning room to find Max helping himself to some Chocolate Cherry Amaretto ice cream. Nice parenting, I know!

He is so full of character...he found this miniature 'Joy of cooking' book I have and was enthusiastically showing me how he can read.

He also loved to dress up as every character he he is being Frosty the Snowman. Notice the measuring cup he's using as a creative!!!

For all the adjustments that have had to be made since the girls arrived, I think we're all finally starting to get into a nice groove!

Kiri and Lia. I swear they match a lot...why is it they are always in different outfits when I take pictures?!

...and as a happy side note: how have they not invented Peppermint marshmallows until now?!?!?! Delicious!!!!!!!

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