Monday, December 5, 2011

My Happy Place...

There are positive and negative aspects of Eric's job...getting calls at midnight on Christmas day is part of the latter group...Eric is pretty patient with his clients, but when we got a call around 11:00 this past Friday, Eric had had it...he was about to pitch a major fit, but to his surprise and delight, it was Chuck calling to tell us that he, Carli and Julie were coming up for the day to hang out, shop and eat!!!

The girls were not happy about me making them wear those crocheted bunny hats...but they're so cute in them! Carli holding Kiri and Julie holding Lia. We had such a fun day and were just sad that they couldn't spend the night...Chuck promised that they will the day after Christmas...and we're holding him to it!

The girls are growing and changing everyday. Last week, Kiri and Lia weighed in at 8lbs 3oz and 8lbs 6oz, respectively. They are also going longer between feedings, they're at about 4 hours. They've had amazing neck control since the first few weeks of life and are still improving each day. The newest development is that they're smiling.

Throughout my life, I can name some of my happy places, being 8 and going to the Temple with my family and then getting ice cream at Sausalito, being on vacation with my family at a friends house in Cape Cop sitting in their ice cream parlor that was attached to their house and watching my parents walking along the shore holding hands, Fentons Ice Creamery after opening night of a musical in high just noticed that all of my happy places have involved ice cream so far...driving to Stinson Beach or Lake Berryessa, wakeboarding with friends during spring break, hanging with Tamara, Curtis, Sarah & Nate and his parents' PhAt house...and most recently...this:

All three of my beloved babies, sleeping, happy and all in one place. I signed Max up for preschool for this upcoming school year...and I have to tell heart can barely take the imminent sadness that will overwhelm me when that day comes...and I will have to find a new happy place...but for, now, I am soaking up the rays of happiness from this happy place! Wishing you all a Christmas season filled with time spent in your own happy places!!!!

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