Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Days

This is just a random post about's a picture of Lia getting her bum changed...

I love both of their big blue eyes.

We started decorating the house for Christmas...Max is so funny...he put on his Santa hat and immediately had to put on his stocking which he referred to as, 'Santa's Shoe."

Here's a picture of Max after we finished decorating our 9ft tree. Max has the cutest excited look on his face.

We had left over ham, so I made a big pot of split pea and ham soup...mmmmm yumm.

Max is funny when he plays...he's so creative...he put his skeleton glove on his foot and told me that it helps him to run super fast. He also taped the easy button on his chest like Iron Man.

Here he is being 'Lotso' from Toy Story 3. You gotta love this kid!!! When Eric asked Max if he loved his sisters, Max's reply was, 'not yet...maybe when they're bigger...maybe then they'll be more fun.' Every day he is learning & adjusting to life with the twins and becoming such a great helper and big brother to the girls.

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