Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dinner With the Petersons

We've been traveling up a storm lately and decided to stay in Kemmerer this weekend. By Saturday night we were pretty bored...luckily, we ran into the Petersons and they pitied us and invited us over for dinner. You might remember them as paper and plastic from our Halloween party.
Have you ever seen a cuter girl?!

Eric kept taunting Gabriel with comments about his Princess scooter.
Landon was born just a few days after Max's due, we always compare the two guys...and he has always been the bane of our existence! He sat up before Max, always weighs more than Max, drank from a sippy cup before Max...after dinner he ate an entire piece of pumpkin pie...we always joke that he shames Max into doing things because after seeing Landon sit, drink and crawl, Max would follow suit. You can see from the progression of pictures, all Landon wanted was a little hug and Max was SO not having it!
...but Max practically malled Shae...that's my lady's man!!! We had such a great time with the Petersons and hope they know how much we appreciated the invite!!

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Annie said...

Looks like a great time. They have such cute kids.