Monday, April 12, 2010

Hangin' in Provo

Eric had to go to a conference in Philadelphia and at the last minute we decided that Max and I would stay behind. Since I didn't particularly want to drive all the way back to Kemmerer, be alone and drive back down in a couple of days, I ended up crashing with Jason & Meradith. First priority, we went to Red Mango....I L-O-V-E Red reminds me of the yogurt that you have abroad (in Europe and Asia). I confess, when I was in California where they are readily available, I ate a large plain Pinkberry every single day...mmMMmmM so good!
both being silly...
driving in the car to Costco...

Lucy giving Max a kiss...I wish you could see that it was an open mouth kiss...hey, they're second cousins.
Max eating a mini all beef hot dog...there's no question that he's Eric's son!
I got to watch Lucy for a little bit and delighted in styling her hair...girls are so fun!
these two are now thick as thieves...speaking of which...if you will note that Max has a pink sippy and Lucy has a purple one...that's because both were obsessed with each others' sippy cup (note:both have the EXACT same milk inside)...whatever, freaks...but I can't say that I haven't sometimes fallen prey to this syndrome as well.

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Meradith said...

Yes! Lucy has been asking for Max! I love their mostly love/ a little hate relationship. Good training for relationships to come.

So fun having you guys stay!