Sunday, April 25, 2010

A shower for Blasto!

We had Camille's baby shower this weekend in Evanston. It was a hit...Julie made the most darling diaper wreath! The decorations were so adorable...I contributed a glass block with Blasto's name and a French idiom, chocolate truffle favors "Cute as a button" and a BYU blanket that was the E-X-A-C-T same one that Jody made...great minds...or maybe that they only make one BYU flannel print...and Adam is not shy about being a Cougar for life!!
Here is the ONLY picture I got of Camille at her shower...I was asked to be the scribe for the, no pics of her opening her gifts!!!

This started out as a baby carriage...then it sort of morphed into "Blasto!"
Me and Max before Max was banished to hang out with the men folk!

Unbeknownst to us, a French theme came made sense since Adam served his mission in France...we had French cheese, truffles, French sayings and French Toast...actually, that's about it...but we did have a great time with everyone and as you can see Julie is showing off her amazing Creme Brulee French Toast. It was divine! I tell you, that Julie is so stinkin' crafty and clever...she came up with every idea all on her own. She's a genius...just kidding, Annie!!!! We all wished you were there...but it sort of felt like you were since so many of the ideas were courtesy of vous!!! Can't wait to see you guys next week!!!


Annie said...

Seriously at least let me take credit for the ideas that I stole from all the clever friends I have out here in Ohio. We can't wait to se you all next week!

Phillips Family said...

It was a great shower. Thanks for all the help.

Kristee and Jared said...

I feel bad that we weren't able to make it. I'm glad it went so well. Looks like we definitely missed out on a good time.