Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome the year of the dragon!!! In light of the New Year, I decided to give Lia, Kiri and myself matching Gold pedicures. I would have done red the other good luck Chinese color...but the girls were still too squirmy to allow me to do a red pedicure well. You can tell that Kiri has the Phillips' second toe and Lia has more of a Chiu second toe!

For New Years, I decided to host a dinner party. The hardest part of the party was deciding who to invite. We have enjoyed our new ward so much that there seems to be an endless supply of interesting and fun young couples to get to know.

I made mochi sticky cake.

Soy sauce eggs, lettuce wraps, peanut meat balls, red Chinese BBQ chicken legs, long life noodles, and everyone got an orange and a red pocket with lucky money (though, surprisingly, most of our guests didn't take their lucky money).

It was a great evening with good conversation and lots of laughing. It's been great having the finished basement because all of our kids just played their hearts out the entire evening and the adults got some much needed adult interaction! Chris, Beth, Ruth & Eric.

Chris, Beth, Ruth, Me, Matt, Crystal, Nick (and his wife April is missing from the picture).

The girls are getting such cute personalities

Here they are showing their glasses...we call this Lia Librarian and Cool Kiri.

The kiddos watching a movie...that's right, Max's slim bum still fits into his Bumbo chair...gotta love it!!!

Lia is so quick to smile and laugh!

Kiri has the sweetest, kindest disposition and always loves to be cuddled and will often pat you on your shoulder if you are cuddling with her.

They are just a pleasure to have in our family and we are so grateful for our three blessings. I remember when Max was a baby, this woman came up and said that my next child would be a 'terror' because nobody is that lucky...well, I might not deserve it, but I am sure thankful for them.


Annie said...

They sure are cute. I wish I could see them in person. someday...

Phillips Family said...

Hey, you high-jacked our friends!!! Ruth and Steve are great fun. Looks like the girls are getting big.

Chris and Beth Will said...

We had a blast at your New Year's party. The food was delicious!!! Thanks for inviting us.