Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Max!

Max turned three this past weekend. He requested a superhero party. So, with the invitations, we attached superhero rings to set up the theme. Max also loves dressing up so much that we asked that everyone come in costume...which was not met with much resistance from three-year-old boys!

The girls were also being blessed we had lots of family come up for the party and I didn't want to disappoint with a lame, I tried my hand at making a cake with fondant. I think it turned out o.k. The bottom layer is Spiderman, the middle is The Hulk (notice the fist imprint- Hulk Smash!!!) and the top is Captain America.

Hanhy, Linzie, Kenzsie, Brookie and Max eating their 'Hero Sandwiches' and their Captain America Drinks before activities began... I made these red and blue star shaped ice cubes for the Captain America drinks.

We had all of these games planned out...and in the end, they really enjoyed running in a circle!

Eric came up with a great game of Superhero and Villain that was similar to Musical Chairs and involved a lot of dancing and Super Hero theme music. It was great! Notice in almost every picture, Kristee is standing somewhere...without her there to help, the party would have been a disaster. I think I was way in over my head and I'm so grateful that she was there as another helper. Also, a special thanks to Julie for watching the girls and bringing Hanky and Brookie (who was also a spectacular helper) to the party!!!

Then, no party is a party without a Pinata...Lucy, Kenzie & Linzie were so cute but were no match for Brookie's strong swing!!!

This was the first year that Max actually understood and was capable of blowing the candle out on his baby is growing up!

We handed out capes to everyone who came (thanks Meradith for picking those up for me!!!) and let each person pick out what design they wanted on the back...max wanted an Mr. Incredible cape, I think it turned out pretty good! Happy Birthday, Max, you are everything I could hope for in a son and enjoy everyday that I get to spend with you! We love you so much!!!

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