Friday, January 20, 2012

80's Bunco Night...

Yesterday was 80's Bunco night...and I had to pull together an outfit in 20 min...luckily 80's fashion has been creeping itself into the main stream for some time. My bangs, which I raved about cutting myself after a Youtube instructional look terrible in this picture because I sprayed an entire can of hairspray trying to get them to do 'the 80's wave' which my hair was not meant for!

Here are some people who did not pull from their closet, rather went all out and went to Eileen's closet (the local thrift shop). Yes, those are jelly shoes Hillary is sporting! Mandy is just a hot mess on the left of 80's craziness!!!

You will be impressed as she googled '80's make-up!'

...whenever there is fun there's always, coca-cola!!!!

...I think we're alone now!!!! April was literally on the ground dancing with Tiffany's, 'I Think we're alone now." her favorite song of all time, 'Baby pick your head up...come on and look me in the face. Is it the rumor, that another guy, wants to take your place...don't you know I'm forever your girl!' (By Paula Abdul...pre X Factor, pre American Idol, Post Lakers Cheerleader).

Top three best dressed!!!

The whole group...I'm making the ugliest pose...but that's because I couldn't help 'getting on the floor and doing...a dance...cause they put me in a trance with a funky song' (my all time favorite band ever...can you name that song?!). Hint, I went on a few dates with one of the singers (after giving him a Book of Mormon at a concert)!!

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