Friday, May 16, 2008

Jello Popcorn

Prior to Joining the Phillips Family, I never knew of it’s delicious existence. Once I tried it, I was hooked for life. Much like the gospel teaches… if you find goodness, truth, knowledge…anything that betters your life,…the Christ like thing to do is to share it…so, in due accordance, I shared Jello popcorn with the Naughton Plant…and I think the picture speaks for itself…PEOPLE LOVED IT (though it kind of looks like a bloody massacre occured in the bowl)! I described it to all the skeptics as, “fun…sweet…pink…what’s not to love…it’s like going to the circus.” …and thus it was dubbed, “Circus Popcorn,” by the plant employees. I’m just happy I did a "Christ-"like thing today!!! HAHAHA!!!


stina said...

So what is it exactly? And how do you make it?

Eric & Aimei Phillips said...

1 small package Jello (I like Strawberry the best)
1 Cup Sugar
1 CUp Light Corn Syrup

Boil the three ingredients and pour over 2-3 bag on popped popcorn (I like the 94% Fat free...and you should pop the popcorn FIRST and pick out all the kernals before you start boiling the syrup)

Mix well and then you can eat in clumps or make them into ball ( If you make it into balls it gets too dense...I like it better when it's fluffy.)
Another recipe I just got from a co-worker is "Marshmallow popcorn." How cool does that sound!? More to come later!!

Gilly said...

Now this is something I have to try out for myself, I've always liked the caramel corn, perhaps this would be just as good.