Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to me! Look at all those candles!!!

So, Eric planned a surprise party for me...have you ever known husbands to execute a well planned surprise party? Well, good for you...I haven't (save only, perhaps Jason Christensen). This was the only picture we got of the party...It was fun, none the less and filled with friends, laughter and, I could not ask for more!

I told the kids that they could put as many candles on the cake as they wanted and wherever they, they  used 48 candles and put them ALL over the cake...sadly, one of my friend's daughter asked her mom in disbelief (only slight disbelief), "Is sister Phillips really 48 years old?!"

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Chris and Beth Will said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Chris once planned a surprise party for me and I had no idea, at all.
He pulled it off, and I was none the wiser.