Thursday, November 15, 2012

Downtown stroll

This year we did the downtown stroll, again. Max's favorite part is seeing all the other children dressed up. We were in front of the fire station with Firefighter Steve, Ruth, Broden, Eric, Marley, Me, the girls and Max.

If you're thinking I look a little sickly, it's because my fave if painted a faint green.

Here's Brinley and Stockton.

The cutest chubby little peacock I'd ever seen.

Apparently Eric didn't get the cool club #3 shirt memo.
Give me some Blue Steel! 

Family shot at the pumpkin patch downtown.

So, this is my explanatory picture shot...see, Max is black Spiderman, and the girls were pumpkins...So, I thought and thought about how to incorporate a family theme and came up with Eric was going to be Red Spiderman and I would be the Green Goblin, Spiderman's nemesis who throws pumpkin bombs...since the costume wasn't as clear as I hoped it would be, I resorted to carrying a Green Goblin figurine along with me the entire day.

Marley came with us, so that her parents could spend the day making sweet whoopy! Just kidding, they were frantically setting up for their spectacular party that night.

Max and his funny smile...he was so worried about his face paint rubbing off.
It was such a great day with friends, fun and candy!


Annie said...

Looks like you definitely celebrated Halloween! So fun. I'm glad you guys have so many great friends there in Rock Springs.

Meradith said...

Haha come take care of our kids so we can make sweet whoopy! Just kidding. But seriously.