Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Fun, Family & Festivities!

We went to the Fourth of July Community Choir was our first time being n the audience rather than being a part of the choir! Here's Max with Uncle Sam!

Family shot!

My little patriotic shark!!

We all went to the pit and had a B-B-Q! Dylan and Grandpa!

Cute shot of Julie, Brookie (the Birthday girl!!) & Jenna!

Camille preparing her yummy chicken fried steak!!

Geoff chillin' with the boot!

Eric thought the caption should read, "why, why, why?!"

Family shot...

Hanky was so cute & considerate...he was so concerned about Eric's brewsky...cute, cute, cute!
Adam cooking over the hot fire !!!! Check out Carli's face!!!

The fellas!! Hanky is so spectacular with Max!!! Jodi, the experienced mom...look at her balance those kids!!!

Julie, Jenna, Carli, Brookie (love the expression), Chuck & Max

Max before we went to the F'n Festival (that's what Julie's friend Jackie called the fun, friends, family festival ).

Chuck &'s unfair how cute they are...they didn't even mean to coordinate outfits!

Me, Eric & Max

Carli & Julie watching the fireworks. We went to the Evanston High School football field. The fireworks were spectacular this year!

It's got to hurt to look so good!!!

We had a great time and Max loved it, too!!!!

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Annie said...

Aimei you are the best! I love that you always post things that are going on back home-it makes me feel like I was there a little bit. I really appreciate it. Look at how grown up Max is looking! I can't believe all these cousins Julia and Audrey are going to have to play with. What a fun Fourth, we wish we could have been there.