Monday, July 13, 2009

Fossil Fest 2009 Kids' Night!!!

When we first moved to Kemmerer, we heard some negative comments about Fossil Fest, despite those comments, I have come to realize that I look forward to Fossil Fest all year long. This was our third Fossil Fest together and we really got into the spirit this year. On Thursday night they have a kids' night and we were asked to dress up as superheroes for the Heroes vs kids tug-o-war! Here we one kid put it, "Look, momma, it's Supergirl and Batman and Spiderman...and...uh....a woman in black!" Great...I looked like a woman in black...I was Cat Woman...but the costume they gave me didn't have a mask!!!
Here we are, again, with Max as Super Baby! For the rest of Fossil Fest weekend, strangers kept coming up to us and referring to Max as Super Baby (no objections here!)!

Here we are in the tug-o-war...they told us to let the kids win...but in a all honesty we let the boys win...but the, their parents must be feeding them their Wheaties!!! Check out this one question is...where's Eric's head?!?!!!

Jim & Julie, Geoff & Jody and the kids came to partake of the festivities. Here they are holding the fossils that they won as one of the booths....I'll tell you, there were some pretty impressive prizes this year!
I hope Jody will tell in more detail on her blog, but Dylan is a champ as golf!!!

Here are Hanky, Dylan and Spiderman...look at Hanky's right hand!! So stenchin' cute!!!


Annie said...

So fun! I heard so many good things about fossil fest. You look fantastic as catwoman by the way, skinny minnie. Wish we could have come.

Jen said...

You are a gorgeous catwoman! Great costume!! Looks like a lot of crazy fun. It is always nice to have a good circle of friend to do fun things with.