Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Produce Minus 7 Rule

Just so I am not made into a liar and to appease the many (really only Annie has shown any interest) here are the updates on our house…
Here are the stairs…this is actually kind of a funny story…there are advantages and disadvantages to living in a small town, one of the disadvantages is the lack of fresh produce and groceries… here in Kemmerer you have to subtract at least 7 days from how long you normally think you can keep produce… this was a mental adjustment I had to make when I moved here, I used to always account for a two week refrigeration life for milk…again…follow the rule…subtract 7…you have one week (if you are lucky) to drink that whole gallon of milk. Now, for some of you, that is no difficult task…but for us…it’s a little more difficult as I was raised on Soy Milk (sweet delicious milk of beans) and Eric rarely eats breakfast and would choose to drink soda over virtually anything else in life…so, I stopped buying milk…but Eric and his plethora of cereal was starting to stack up and none were being consumed…why, I asked…because there’s no milk…o.k., I will buy milk, but not until I made him fully aware of the produce minus 7 rule. Fine, he agreed…as a reminder to eat the cereal, I laid each box where I knew he would see it…I know his daily routine… I put one in our bedroom, one on the toilet seat, one by his suits and all the way down the stairs…so, it’s now August 6, 2008 and we still have that milk that expired July 11 in our refrigerator and as a matter of principle, I have not thrown it away yet…(for any of you Everybody loves Raymond fans…it’s like the suitcase and the stinky cheese)!

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Kenny said...

My wife and I try to go to Evanston to buy groceries. Then you can get the fresh produce you want. Besides, the jubilee here is such a rip off. They think that because they are the only store in Kemmerer, they can charge anything they want.