Friday, August 15, 2008

Carli and the Clay Hills

So, I like to Blog hop...that's when you waste work hours to look at your friends' friend's blog...that's right...people whom you don't even know...and I've become obsessed with this one's crazy...I look at their blog more than some of my actual friends (actual meaning people who would recognize me if I said hi as opposed to this couple whom I consider so dear that I pray for them oft...I know...I need help). SO, at the off chance that others blog hop onto our blog...this is Eric's sister Carli...cutest thing ever, right? Anyway, she just moved to Provo and aside from being so, so, so good looking...she has the coolest personality...all the fun and low-key qualities of a guy mixed with all the good attributes of a girl!...and she's SINGLE!!! Not for, if anyone out there knows a ridiculously handsome, righteous, intelligent, rich, funny, witty, kind-hearted single guy...leave a comment and we'll see if we can make a love connection!!! I get to filter the requests, though! :) She has already yelled at me for writing this blog,so you had better make it worth it!!!

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