Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chiu family photos

We took the opportunity to take family photos while my brother and his family were visiting and my mom (unfortunately my dad wasn't able to make it last minute) as well.

 My mom surrounded by all the grand was so sad that my dad couldn't make it...we even had the photographer's husband try to stand in to see if we could super impose my dad's face later...but those pictures didn't turn out too well!
 Cute boys!!! Parker and Devon!
 My brother's family, his wife Kristina and his two boys and daughter Sierra
So cute...can you feel the love?
 Baby Sierra!
 so happy!
 Handsome Max!!!! How is my baby almost 7?!
 eight's been crazy fast and fun...there's no where else I would rather be than with family!
 Eric showing Max some ninja moves
 This picture went Wyoming even got picked up by the Wyoming Bar association...hahaha!!

The girls had had it!
 Baby D...oh how we love this kid!!!
 Little Jim with his hat!
 the girls sitting in the clean room!
My beautiful, happy wonderful gifts from Heavenly Father, I could not ask for more!!!!!!!

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