Monday, February 20, 2012

Sushi Party!!!!

A few weeks back we had a sushi party with some friends. Note*
Chris (with the yellow and brown Wyoming sweatshirt) holding a large Grande Burrito sized sushi?!

My mom overnight-ed me some fresh eel, we had sashimi, yakitori, inari , miso soup, mango pearl drinks, seaweed, rice ball molds, sushi mats and all the fixings for sushi rolls. It was a great time!!!!

Here is Beth, who is 9 months pregnant and I made her drink non-alcoholic Sangria soda out of a wine glass!!!

The me, Julie, April and Beth. We were alone for a lot of the night with the kids because the men were on a mission to get our home theater system working and were on their third? Fourth? trip to home depot/Wal-mart?!

Adam made, what I felt, was one of the most reasonable sized and tasting sushi.

His wife, Julie, opted for the non seaweed sushi mold, option.

April made a beautiful looking sushi/burrito roll! Her husband actually spent two years in Japan on his mission.

Here is my favorite picture of Chris dancing, he's a professor of Musical Theater at the college here in Rock, would I loved to have gotten my hands on a picture like this of one of my professors!!! We had such a fun time and can't wait for the next opportunity to hang out with more fun friends!

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Julie Hatch said...

very cute!! i love it! It was so fun.. thanks lady!!