Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just an update...

How cute are they?! We kept saying 'Lia' and 'Kiri' to get them to smile to which Max kept adding, "...and Max!"

I can't believe the girls are almost four months now!

They melt my heart and are the best behaved babies around!

They are super smiley!

Lia couldn't take it and succumbed to sleep!

This is a picture of Max right before church and I asked him to do a "church pose." That kid, I love him so much! He's at play group right now...he's growing up so fast!

This is their, "Happy New Year!" pose!!!


Kristee and Jared said...

Such cute kiddos! They are growing so fast!

Crystal said...

They are getting so big! They are so cute too!