Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I got a fever and the only prescription is more...

...Jeremy Lin!!!

The mighty Lin

All he does is LIN

LINcredible Story

He’s a LINtellectual from Harvard

The LIN Dynasty

Oh, the LINsanity

LINderella Story

Knicks Missing LINk

Super LINtendo


...I got me some Lin-sanity!!!! This guy is not only a freaking ridiculous ball player...he does it while being second generation Chinese from Taiwan...and all that entails...he had traditional parents who pushed the whole academic angle (hence his admittance into Harvard-based on his scholastic aptitude and not his ball playing skills), made him speak Chinese at home (while trying to grow up as a normal Californian kid) and go to church...still, after graduating, he wasn't drafted...but he still persevered...alternate career paths he considered...being a pastor, because to top everything off, he's Christian...seriously, Eric...this is your new competition!!!!! When asked about how he left the Warriors he said, "I had zero idea that was going to happen. It was really tough for me at the time but I just tried to hold on to a lot of the stuff in the Bible that God gives to trust, have joy in the sufferings, and trust in His perfect plan. That's what I tried my best to do and I'm happy with the way things turned out." He's articulate, he's respectful, he's an awesome basketball player and he's Chinese...thank you, Jeremy Lin!!!!!!

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