Monday, November 14, 2011

This is Halloween!!!

My family has been here helping us adjust to life with the twins and Max. My mother loves Dancing with the Stars and Max has learned to share his TV time. For their Halloween special they had all these children dancing to, "This is Halloween," and Max sang that song for the rest of the Halloween season!!! Here he is TrICk oR tReaTing!!! We live in a great neighborhood...we only hit up a few houses on each block and we got loaded with candy. We also realized that we are cheap-o's!!!

Here's Max before doing the downtown stroll on Halloween.

There was a haunted house in the fire station. Max was so brave and had so much fun!!

Max kept saying, "It's you, mummy."

At one of the local businesses, we ran into another Captain America...and Max kept inquiring as to who was the 'real' Captain America. Of course, Max is!

Soon, the other Captain America's siblings wanted in on the picture action! So cute!!!

We also had a super fun ward activity. Our new ward is so ridiculously fun and social...we haven't even hosted anything yet. It's awesome!!!

Our friends down the street put on their own scare house in their garage. They are so cool!!! We had such an amazingly fun Halloween and we are so grateful for family and fun!!!


stina said...

Don't you have two other kids that we might want to see, too? Not to downplay Captain America's cuteness....

Annie said...

He looks so cute. I love the helmet. I am sure he will love Halloween as much as his parents do. I hope you had a great birthday as well!