Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Home, at last!!!!

I actually switched their names because the bow is bigger on the right side...but Lia is on the left and Kiri is on the right.

I love these pictures of them under the Billi-lights...sisters holding hands...

here they are sleeping...again, Kiri is on the right and Lia is on the left.

Yawning...here, Kiri is on the left and Lia is making some weird face on the right.

Max has been adjusting so well...he loves his "mei-mei's." That's little sister in Chinese. I think it helps that Eric and I, along with all the grandparents have been lavishly spoiling him with gifts...between all of us, I believe he has every mask they sell at Wal-Mart for Halloween. Here's his new Spiderman mask.

Halloween ribbons for the girls.

It breaks my heart that I don't get to spend as much one-on-one time with Max...but I do love that he has been exploring his independence. His imagination has always been so keen, but I love that he is crawling and spreading his wings to be Spiderman for himself...all the while admiring his reflection in his bedroom window. He is such a wonderful boy and Kiri & Lia could not ask for a better brother. Eric and I can not properly express our gratitude for these three amazing blessings in our family.


Jen said...

Your family is amazing Aimei! I understand how you feel about losing time with Max, but it is fascinating to see how they become more independent and more their own little person. They grow so much and become more confident as they help out and learn to be big brothers. I'm excited for you. The little girls are so beautiful. I love their little Halloween bows! Perfect and beautiful like their mommy!

Annie said...

Such sweet little babies. I can't wait until we can see them and I am excited to see how they look when they get bigger! Good luck with everything now that you are home. We've been thinking about you!

Jill said...

Your girls are adorable! I wish we lived closer so I could come see them and help you out. Maybe next time we come to RS we could visit? Only if you're ready, but I'd love to!

Meradith said...

Oh my goodness!! I gotta get my hands on those baby girls! They are just too much!

Is it as crazy as everyone said it would be? Or were you in no way, shape or form prepared for the amount of craziness it is?!? I need details! They are beautiful!