Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Halloween Party!!!

We had our third annual adults only Halloween Party...this year we happened to have ordered some leather dining chairs that came in a huge was too good of an opportunity to pass up...

This first couple, Blake and Amanda (Paper and Plastic) are so cute...Blake figures it our pretty quickly, but doesn't ruin the gag for his wife!!!

Emily and Colton heard another couple, they don't look that scared (on the outside)...but Colton later admitted that he let out a little tinkle

Here are the Hogans...I can't tell if Janelle is mocking us and pretending to be scared or if she really is scared!!! You decide for yourselves.

This is a new couple in our ward (Chase and Meagan)
...they were such good sports and were so fun!!!

This video is my personal favorite...Holly and Kasey!!

We wear this costume at least once during each Halloween season (and, yes, we consider it a season!!)

200720082009 We had a great night of Mafia, Cafe Rio and friends!!!!

This was Carli's amazing wedding cake that Jacquie Bryant took a chunk out of...we peeled off the fondant and re-frosted it and made a skeleton take a bloody bite out of it.

It was a great night, we were just sad that we couldn't invite all of our friends...this year we limited it to just our ward...When I was a Girls Scout, there was a song that we sang that I've often thought of, 'Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.' We hope our third ward friends know that they're platinum in our eyes!


Stacie said...

loved the vids! Hilarious , the last one especially. What a great idea to do that. LOL! I like the people who were paper and plastic. Too cute. What a fun party!

Holly & Kasey said...

Okay, that really is too funny. Even though I look like an idiot, I did get a good laugh off of it.

The Sandalls said...

Thanks for such a fun party!!! I love all the videos!! Holly's is the best but Amanda's is pretty close--- atleast her husband was going to protect her!!!

Jill said...

Love the videos! I'm glad we're still "platinum" even though I didn't get to play Mafia this year.

Phillips Family said...

I am appalled that there is a post without Max. What kind of blogger are you?