Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carli's Married!!!

So, you know how they say it takes a village to raise a child...well, they should amend it to be it takes an entire family to have a wedding!!! Spectacular is the word that comes to mind!!!

The wedding was beautiful! It was a little stressful as the sealer began to speak and still no sight of Eric...but, for dramatic effect, he made it by the skin of his teeth!! There was such a tender spirit in the temple that morning. No tears for me...until I saw Jim literally burst out with emotions...nothing sweeter than a father who loves his family that much!!!
Here's the softy now...doesn't this picture look like Christ is literally floating next to him...a little creepy!!!

Before the sealer began the sealing, he spoke with Chuck and Carli...he said, just in his preparations, he assumed that they were both raised in the Church,...it surprised me how overcome with emotions I was at this simple assumption...I may not have been raised in the church...but how lucky my little Max is to have been born into the covenant...it really was the most magnificent feeling.

After the temple, Chuck's parents put on an amazing dinner, the main course: lamb...I would expect nothing else!!!! I had to laugh when I saw Wendy's son Jackson grab a huge mound of the mint jelly...I quickly asked him if he knew that it wasn't LIME jell-0!!!!

Here's Dylan showing me how good the rolls were (and they were delectable!!!). I knew that lamb was going to be the main course and because I'm a total freak and have been obsessed with Max eating what I eat, I found some lamb baby food...it was not as good as what we got...but it was still lamb!!!

Everyone had fun dancing at the reception, eating delicious foods, singing karaoke...the D.J. Mike Ellis was fantastic...I don't think I can remember a better wedding (well, of course, present company's wedding excluded!).
Chuck!!! That would have been the perfect picture!!!! Why must you torture my soul!!!???

The Phillips family!

...another Phillips family...

Eric asked Julie to dance during the mother-son dance...cute!!!!
Dan asked Mary during the mother-son dance, as well!!! What good guys!!!

Eric, Carly and I sang, "Summer nights." (Um...Meradith...somebody had to sing it!!!!)Becky was holding Max and asked if he would like a friend, "YES!!!" I replied!!!! She then said sometime in April he would get a friend...assuming she meant Meradith and Jason's baby, I disappointingly told her I already knew about that friend. I wanted her to provide a friend for Max, to which she answered, "I know...that's what I mean!" It took my brain SO LONG to process that...she's also due in April!!! FUN TIMES!!!!! They're going to make the best parents!!!

Chuck's brother dancing during the Y-M-C-A song!!

All the Phillips men singing, (Willie Nelson's) My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.

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Brandon and Becky Patrick said...

Great post, as always! Thanks for the shout out :) Hope you enjoyed my posts this last week! Hopefully they will last everyone for the next few months :) haha. NJK. K we need to hang out soon!