Monday, November 2, 2009

More Halloween Festivities!!

We put on a 1st Ward Halloween Carnival packed with a Halloween Costume contest,

A caramel apple bar (eerily similar to Carli's :) !!!! ), a cupcake walk...

"Homemade root beer (long story)",

Here are Max and Bella...both wearing skeleton costumes...

The skeleton family
Eric carving out his pumpkin...
Carli, Chuck and myself in front of our masterpieces!

Our pumpkins in all of their glory!
Eric's pumpkin. It was a great Halloween this year and we're excited for the holiday season to begin!!!

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Meradith and Jason said...

I just tried to call you but you're screening my phone calls again. Dang it! But I do find consolation and AM reminded that you do love me every time I hear the answering machine in your real, human voice and not that old creepy mans computer generated voice. Just wondering what you are doing! It's still like 60 degrees down here, maybe you should come play this weekend. I think BYU is playing Wyoming tomorrow in Wyoming. We could watch the game, throw something in the BBQ, tell some good jokes, ya know the usual. You guys sure had a fun filled Halloween! Looks like you went all out, as expected:)