Tuesday, October 14, 2008

States of Grace

So, Eric and I decided to watch a movie for Family Home Evening last night. It was a Church-ish movie, so don’t judge us!!! It’s often referred to as God’s Army II but a more accurate and fitting title is it’s subtitle, “States of Grace.” It, unlike God’s Army, has little to do with the normal day of a Mormon Missionary and much more to do with the essence of the work of missionaries. While it’s shallow depiction of specific Mormon doctrine might disappoint some out there, I felt that the choice to delve more into the missionary struggles and triumphs resulted in a much more rewarding film.

This movie has clearly overshadowed my previous favorite Church-y movie, “Single’s Ward.” While I make no apologies for my love of Singles Ward…hey, it’s funny…admit it…I would like to make clear that States of Grace is not only higher on my list….it’s quality has an eminence far superior to that of Single’s Ward. This movie will make you laugh and cry…if you’re not a crier…it will make your heart ache…

* I will note that it is NOT appropriate for children as it is for a mature adult audience.

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Ober said...

Really random that I found your blog! I just wanted to say hello. Your picture with your hubby is so beautiful! As I was reading your blog I could totally imagine you saying certain sentances. I love it! Take Care.