Thursday, December 6, 2007

Four paraplegic (wo)men on the couch!

So, we decided to have some friends over for dinner and play an impromptu game of "four men on a couch." And as you will see from the pictures we will add that the women won the game...much to the chagrin of Kasey Nelson, who in a show of unsportsmanlike conduct shouted, "yes! She has the LEAST grasp of the game!" at the date of one of our co-workers. This poor girl, Tara, who knew none of us, save her date and another friend, came through like a champ and won us the game... regardless of all the taunting from the boys!!
Later, we were telling funny stories and someone told one about his wife...we'll call her "Polly." She noticed her left handed mother-in-law ironing with her right hand. "Oh," Polly exclaimed..."how cool, you're..." her husband then filled in the blank, "ambidextrous." Later, that husband asked his wife what word she was about to say, "...I'm not telling you," she insisted...finally she admitted "...paraplegic." We laughed so hard, some of us actually cried tears. Maybe it's not as funny in print, but it was hilarious at the time and I think "Polly" will want to be friends OFF for a little while because I am selling her down the river and putting it on my blog! Sorry, "Polly!"

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KC & Holly said...

That's right- friends off! No, not really. Where's the fun in life if you can't laugh at yourself! Any micro-machines stuck in your knee lately?