Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SHHHH, it's Eric's Birthday!!! Brat Bar!

 Also, that was the text that went out to our friends and family...it was hard to get numbers since my broken phone has been the bane of my existence.  My phone in repair has cause quite a few funny antics...a friend who is a fire fighter and consequently has to frequent the bars while on duty thought that this was in invite to an actual bar since my temporary number was not programmed into his phone.
 Eric at one of his favorite places in the world.
 We took the girls for some ice cream and play time at the Burger King Playland....we tried to take them to Arthur park first, but the wind was too fearsome!
 Kiri LOVES her sweets!!!
 Max is such a sweet boy, growing to be such a helpful big brother. I remember when he would con other little kids to carry him to the top level of the play structure.
 Cute girls, they love to be around each other!
 So, Carli called and apologized for not being able to come, since my phone number was changed, I didn't receive her texts telling me to delete the message that would ruin the surprise....AGGHH that cursed phone!!!
 We had every topping imaginable, we had onions, animal style onions, Hawaiian dogs, Greek dogs, Picnic dogs, curry wurst, PB & J (that's a nod to Cat Christensen), CHilli Dogs...it was great fun!!!
 My good friend Bonnie brought the "Cake" these hot dog cookies were a hit and the kids could not get over the mustard and ketchup frosting!!!
 Max and his friend Coen
 Kiri snuck about half a dozen of these cookies.
Eric and his birthday present from himself...he is such a funny guy! Happy birthday to a great husband and father who keeps us laughing and loved all the time! Happy birthday, old man!!!!

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Kim and Ken Carlile said...

Love those hot dog cookies! Awesome!