Friday, May 25, 2012

The Bay Area

 A lot of people say they live in the Bay parents actually live on the Bay...which makes it kind of windier and colder than one would think when they imagine California...but it does have it's perks. 

Early morning walks to the beach

There's an ice cream truck that comes by during the weekend. I stood in line behind three or four different sets of parents each wearing a Bjorn and or Ergo carrier and ordering 'something Spiderman.' Diane Keaton in Baby Boom was so right on!
With a face like that, how could I resist? The other day we were pulled out of Sunday school to take Max to the potty...Eric said that Max, literally, was running back to nursery and when Eric opened the door, Max shouted, "Don't worry, guys, I'm back!" He's such a character.

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