Thursday, May 31, 2012

Park City for Jim's Birthday

 We all went to Park City and rented a condo for Memorial Day weekend and in celebration of Jim's Birthday.
 Jim (Kiri) and Julie (Lia)
 Proud Grandpa holding the coolest birthday card. Hanky, Brooke, Na-na and Dylan
 Hanky was so good with Lia....she loved him...
 Brooke was amazing, too...She was giving Eric a run for his money!
 Max loves him some trifle!
 The girls before bed time.
 Brooke, Hanky and Na-na making the girls laugh!
The whole crew (missing Annie, Bryan and the girls!) shopping at the outlets, I think Camile was the only responsible one looking after the children and didn't get to be in the picture...look how happy Jim looks?!
 I think it's so funny that this random girl grabbed Max's hand and kept following him...this happens all of the mom was really surprised the first time it happened under her watch.
 Max in the clown car that he loves...there's a similar one at the Walmart in Evanston.
Grady was a little MIA since he wasn't feeling so good...but the moments we saw him, he sure stole the show! Everyone had such a great time and the only complaint I heard was that it was too short!

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