Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lyman, Goin' South & Baby Horses!!

We had to go to Kemmerer to meet with our new renters in Kemmerer...so, we decided to meet up with Thayne and Cherilynn and go to our favorite restaurant Goin' South!!!!
Afterwards, we went to see the house they are building and their family's horses...Max loved the horses...
he particularly loved the baby horses...

He loved watching the baby horses with their mama's...these were only a few days old!!!!
It was funny, when the horse neighed at him, Max quickly replied, "Sorry...sorry!"

Thayne's parents were kind enough to let us visit with them in their home for a little while...this is their fire place...on the left is a close up of the rocks and fossils that make up this fire place...crazy!!!

Of course...the moment I saw this beautiful picture of Thayne, I knew it would be up on our blog for all to enjoy!!!!

Thayne was playing with Max...Max was having the time of his life!!!! Thanks, guys, for such a fun visit!!!!

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