Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011 in Jackson Hole

We spent Easter this year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Jim had work to do in Jackson Hole, so the rest of us followed that weekend.

We ate at Bubba's...

The food was great...ribs, brisket, fries, Bubba's Famous beans...not 'bad' beans...must find word...(that's for you, Chuck!)

Shopping in downtown Jackson. It was such a perfect time despite being 'the off season.'

After joyously engaging in much superfluous shopping, Jim, Max, Eric and I headed to the Bunnery...a Jackson Hole eatery known for it's delicious baked goods. While there, we saw a clown...she offered to make Max a balloon Moose...but what she made was magical chemistry with Jim!!!

Then we went to the leather shop where Max fell in love with this cowboy which major fits were pitched upon departure. Everyone had the same string of thoughts that I had, 'oh, we really loves it...i wonder how much it costs...holy crap...$70 bucks!!!! Forget that!'

To appease the cowboy yearning...when we passed this old photo shop...we got a brilliant idea...

You know you wish you were in this one mock my face... I shame is great...and immortalized. ...and the shame continues...

...but this picture is beyond words adorable!!!
Then to lunch. Chuck was super happy about it apparently.

That night we dyed eggs...Julie was amazing and boiled 5 dozen eggs in was great fun...the night ended exactly as every Phillips craft activity does...Eric and Carli finishing the night out while everyone had long since given up.

We went to Church and back for a delicious Easter ham, deviled eggs, carrots, blueberry cream cheese was perfect!!!
Max is without a doubt the most wonderful boy whom we adore and love his growing personality and understanding of life! Happy Easter.


Annie said...

Looked like so much fun! Wish we could have been there.

Phillips Family said...

That was a good time. Max makes a sharp looking cowboy!

Jill said...

The last time I was in Jackson, I got kicked out of a basketball game for being too "aggresive" I think it proves that people in Jackson are wimps (except for visitors of course :)