Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I know it's been a while!!!

Max has just been growing, learning and developing his wonderfully sweet and charismatic personality.
Since moving to Rock Springs, Eric has gotten to get back into church basketball...which he LOVES!!!!
We celebrated Eric's birthday with Julie and Carli with a day of shopping! :)
Max has made quick friends and is adjusting so wonderfully to Nursery! Eric had to go on business, so Max and I stayed behind and visited friends. We got to hang out with my college friend Cathy and her daughter Devin...he watched movies, went out to eat, cooked, went to church with the Prophet who smiled at Max...yea, pretty much your average weekend!! Then we went to stay with Meradith and Jason until Tuesday when Eric was flying back in town.
He is so coordinated and athletic...he went to gymnastics with Lucy...they really have a love-bully-love relationship...
This was his second time at the little Gym...he loved it so much!!!
Lucy is quite fearless and has great natural balance!!! Look at that tutu...
Scarlett...ridiculous...who can handle how cute that shirt is? Puts my outfits to shame!!!

Max loves to hop, jump, spring and bounce!!!
....and bubbles...he L-O-V-E loves bubbles!!! These bubbles were invincible...they never popped!!!


Phillips Family said...

Eric...the next Jimmer!

Annie said...

Such fun pictures. So glad you posted. It was great talking to you today and you figured out your background! it loooks great!

Kim and Ken Carlile said...

They grow up fast!! Those must be Gymboree bubbles. They are definately the best!!

Jill said...

I love the super-man outfit during gymnastics.