Sunday, December 26, 2010

Foothill Ward Christmas party

Max did so well this year with Santa Claus...he really is growing up so fast!
Santa just asked Max what he wanted for Christmas..."Ummmm..."

This was our first activity as members of the Foothill ward in the Rock Springs stake.
We've already met some awesome couples and Max has so many friends that are his age in the nursery.
Jim & Julie will attest to the fact that Max loves pulling those "balls" from the tree!
This just makes me laugh...his son dropped a pitcher of hot chocolate and it landed perfectly square on the ground and just shot up like an erupting volcano...her you can see him trying to reach it.
Max playing the piano...
Dancing with some of his new friends...
This adorable little girl was dressed up as a Christmas tree...
Me and the Max!!!

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Phillips Family said...

Where did they get that Santa...Flying J? Hope your new ward is fun.