Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun at the Yurt!

Eric, Max and I decided that Max was ready for his first fishing, we rented the Yurt at Meeks. What is a Yurt you ask...well, let me tell you, says wikipedia: A yurt is a portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. A yurt is more home-like than a tent in shape and build, with thicker walls. They are popular amongst nomads.
Since we've been living like nomads, we decided to try it out......and I sort of feel like it's a part of my culture (not really!).
Hanky, making Max laugh...gotta love having cousins!
three cutest boys, ever...they just needed Grady in the pic...maybe next year!
My attempt at being artistic.
Fun at was so strange being at the lake at Meeks and not being able to walk to the cabin and have some of Sue's Swedish Fish! All the girls getting the delicious cook out ready.

Hanky, bless his heart, is the most well-natured boy in the world! First, he let Carli play with his beloved fishing pole (pictured here) and she cast the red fish out and it broke and the fish went flying into the lake, never to be found again...Rather than pitching a fit, he just looked at Carli and said in his unusually low and adorable voice, "it's o.k." Feeling badly, Carli attached a pine cone to the end of the line. Hanky's only concern was that, "I don't think the fish will like the pine cone." (as opposed to the red plastic fish). So adorable!Then, still trusting, asked Carli to roast his marshmallow...unfortunately it got a little burnt...and still Hanky said nothing...but his face says it all!
Yes, that's right, I caught a fish and reeled it in myself...and I could not have asked for more perfect timing, as I was just about to reel it in, up drove a truck full spectators (i.e. Hanky, Brookie, Dylan, Carli, Julie, Geoff and Jody)!
Max throwing rocks in the pretty much doesn't get better than this (if only ALL of our family was able to be there)!


Phillips Family said...

Wow, the yurt looks pretty nice!! Wish we could have been there...oh wait, we will be in a couple of months. Well, it will be fun then too.

Stacie said...

I just recently heard about Yurt's. So cool you guys got to stay in one!

Jill said...

I am totally going to try to find a Yurt for my next camping trip.