Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Big Brother is a married man!

I'm not sure how this picture happened...but I really liked it...they did a rehearsed dance for their first dance...watching my big brother dance was really touching...he really is going to be the best husband out there...sorry, Eric...he even trumps you.

The only picture we got with the bride and groom and my mom's eyes are closed! Thank goodness they had a real photographer...though, I think Eric did a pretty good job.

Me and the cutest ring bearer, EVER!

The entire day he kept making this face that we dubbed, "scared face!" Every time someone said it, he would do this face.
Me and my brother right before the wedding.

A montage of the wedding day.

A Chiu family shot

This is an action shot of me and Max walking down the isle...
That's right, Max is actually high fiving my uncle Francis as he walks down the isle. You gotta love that kid!
Peter, getting all chocked up during the ceremony.
The kiss...and now, my big brother is a married man! It really reminds you how much you love someone when just seeing them happy makes you feel so much happiness, too!

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Annie said...

It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Peter really is such a nice guy. Congratulations to them!