Thursday, March 18, 2010

Santa Barbara, the beach & Davy Crockett

My parents treated me and Max to a nice little retreat in Santa Barbara. This is the beach across the street from the hotel. We've been staying at the Fess Parker hotel...ironically, he passed away today...who is Fess Parker...aside from being a real wine enthusiast, he starred in Disney's Davy Crockett.

Here's Max enjoying some sun and Pocky Sticks.
I know every mother thinks so...but, he's so stinkin' cute!We had the pool to ourselves....and the hot tub...the sad part is that the ocean is about a hundred feet from us...but we chose the heated pool instead...we're wimpy.

...but we're not wimpy with's Max eating some ji-jiao...mmMMMmmmMmmmm!!
Shopping on State street.


Annie said...

He really is SOOOOO cute. I can't get over that face. So so cute. Looks like you are having a great time! And what in the heck is he eating?

Jake said...

You're right, despite your bias. He IS cute, for sure. Smiles definitely help!

Phillips Family said...

um, is that a chicken foot??? Call DFS!!

Jen said...

Oh I love shopping on state street! how fun... Max is getting so big. I agree...what in the world is that kid eating:)?