Thursday, January 21, 2010

Casper, Lander and Farson

I took this picture before church last week and I really loved gotta love my cute little future missionary!!!Here we are at a restaurant in Evanston with Jim while Julie was away. He was great company...but so sad without Julie!!!
Here we are in the car ride to Casper...Lindsey...La Barge?!?!?! Enjoying the aftermath of a warm bath!! The bottom right picture is of Max and Eric...see any resemblence?!

We went to a great diner for breakfast and dinner...for dinner we ate at a grill in Lander and for breakfast we went to the Ox Bow which apparently is referred to as the Ox Box by those in Lander who are in the know...we had great skillets and sourdough pancakes.
Another like-father, like-son picture.
Adam and Camille were nice enough to let us stay at their beautiful home for the night...after Max and I retreated to bed, Eric went to go have some bonding time with his favorite little brother...this is what I found on my camera the next morning...oh we had to mock you, Adam!!!!
We saw this Tipi in the side yard on one of Adam and Camille's neighbors and thought it was pretty unique. Also, here's the Max sleeping in the car with his giraffe. On the way back, we passed Farson...when in Farson! So, we got some delicious ice cream!


Phillips Family said...

It was fun seeing you guys. Thanks for stopping in. Tell Eric he needs to improve his Xbox skills before he ever touches my machine again!!

stina said...

I was so happy when I heard Joey singing to me when I clicked on here. "PLease Don't Go Girl...." Cute pictures!!

Annie said...

Looks like an awesome road trip. That max is the cutest little guy. I love his sweet smile.