Friday, June 13, 2008

The ways of men

I had to get Meradith these adorable little leopard print baby ballet flats! As Meradith kept saying all day, "It's so cute I just want to eat it!"Linda Christensen makes these amazing blankets for everyone. Here is the one she made for baby Christensen.
Here are Jared and Eric...looking so cute as fisherman! You know... I got to spend a little time with Jared that day because we had to run some errands. First, Jared got Eric's fishing pole fixed for FREE, then, he and Eric came with me to a craft store. It was amazing having Jared there. Not only did I n0t get responses like, "They all look fine," or, "I don't know, which one is the cheapest?" or "when are we leaving." Jared actually gave HELPFUL input and even seemed to rejoice in my good deal finds! What a man. Eric had almost convinced me that, "That's just how ALL men are...we hate shopping!"...Jared has shown me the way!!! Thanks, Jared, for helping me choose the perfect plant!!

Isn't Eric so Handsome?!?!? Look at that happy smile!!

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