Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Finnan Haddie

So, Christmas was SO much fun this year...we woke up (were woken up) early and headed over to Geoff & Jody's (Eric's older brother and wife) house to watch their kids (Dylan, Brooke & Alex A.k.a Hanky) open presents...the glee of kids is truly was so cute to hear their reactions to everything...we all knew that Dylan was getting a Wii for Christmas, so every time Dylan opened a game that was for the wii (instead of the X-box which he owned) everyone just kept saying, "Man, what is with Santa this year...doesn't he know you don't have a Wii?" Dylan fell for it, hook line and sinker!! Then we went back to Eric’s parents’ house (Jim & Julie) and opened presents! Giving is good…but so is getting. I got this amazing complete Nativity scene from Eric’s mom and my sister-in-law Jody. Eric got me a sewing machine and EVERYTHING I asked for (which was only two things…but still…he is amazing at making me feel spoiled!) We got Eric’s father an iPod complete with Western oldies and Julie a Diamond necklace with a diamond for each member in her immediate family. Then, after a lazy day in the matching P.J's we were all given, we had the traditional Christmas breakfast of poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, English muffins, fruit and one of my new favorite things IN THE WORLD!!! (it’s not for all…but I love all seafood and smoked anything is pretty good in my eyes)....

Finnan Haddie!!

“The Scottish have been smoking fish for -- well, forever. One can hardly think of the Scottish lochs without the true Scottish national dish coming to mind (no, not haggis): Finnan Haddie. Finnan haddie is an ancient tradition; rich, cold-water haddock smoked with hardwoods until meltingly tender and exceedingly rich. Its origins are unknown. We can imagine pre-historic Man, having discovered the bounty of the ocean, having too much fish to eat all at once. Perhaps he leaves a fillet of haddock on a spear by his fire and awakes the next morning to discover that the fire has not only preserved the smoked fish, but transformed it into a buttery, rich delicacy. With no tea to drink, he enjoys his new-found treasure by itself, and history is made.”

Here’s the website if you really want to know ALL about Finnan Haddie

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