Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Home & A Family

So, it was inevitable that we had to go to California and get all of my furniture and belongings that have been in storage for over a year. So, my mom, Eric and I woke up at 6 a.m. and headed off to get the U-haul (the largest they had to offer) and meet up with the movers...we were on the road by 1 o’clock and ready to conquer the roads…all was well until we reached Elko, Nevada (the fact that we were in Elko, Nevada was already painful in and of itself) and the blizzard hit us. There were times that we had to drive 19mph. (…and by “we” I mean Eric drove the ENTIRE TIME) and did not reach Kemmerer until 7:45 the next morning. We took a little nap and some people from our new ward (Thanks Roger, Eric and Wayne!!!) helped us move the entire truck full of stuff within a few hours. Unpacking all my boxes was like Christmas times a thousand!!! Finding little treasures that were long stored in the recesses of my memories was thrilling. Some treasures were more valuable in their monetary sense…some were valuable in their convenience (like my beloved Pink Kitchen aid, my bread machine and my nice knives)…and some were purely for the warm feelings of home that they brought me. I decided after seeing the multitude of clothes that I had, that I would donate any unnecessary items to the D.I….some that did not make the list that probably ought to have were my pajama pants I got in 7th grade that just remind my of so many nights lounging at home…a home that I did not have to pay the mortgage or light bill on…also, my Sorority sweatshirt that I never wore while I was actually in the sorority…or the purple tie-dyed shirt I made my first day in the dorms as part my first college activity. Some things are just not meant to let go of! Cheers to having a house and a husband and having it turn into a home and a family!

We will add pictures so you can see the transformation of our house since day one!

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Annie said...

Those Uhauls are a pain to drive in the first place, let alone in a blizzard! I'm excited to see pics of your house.