Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy birthday to me.


So, I always like when blogs give me a little slice into the bloggers’ life and who they are…so, I thought I’d do a little “I’ve never…”

Cried in front of someone and not felt totally embarrassed or apologized for it.
Said, ‘I love you,” to someone that I wasn’t 100% sure they were going to say it first or back
Until this past year eaten a whopper…because somehow I thought it was being disloyal to good ol’ Macers (McDonald for all of you not familiar with Australian lingo).
Said my age out loud since I turned 29
Gone to a Zumba class (though I totally want to)
Smoked or done drugs
Been particularly good at making peanut butter rice crispy treats or kraft macaroni and cheese…I don’t know what I’m doing incorrectly!
Kissed a stranger or was kissed by one…though almost once during a summer internship my sophomore year in college.
Streaked/skinny dipped
Apologized to my mom for saying that our family was not cool on her birthday in high school…I cringe even typing it….I’m pretty happy that my family was not cool, nerdy is the new cool…actually, I think it’s always been cool
Sang my heart out on a karaoke stage…sorry Meradith, I was wimpy on the cruise during our rendition of ‘RiHanna’
Until this year had someone throw me a birthday party…in case I didn’t mention it, thanks, Bonnie and Bret, Ruth& Steve, April& Nick, Hillary& Ben, Chris & Beth, Chelsea and Nolan  and all of my friends that helped make it such a wonderful and special night.

I had once mentioned in a conversation that if I were to ever be picked for Extreme makeover: Home Edition and when asked what themes I would like for my room/home I would answer: "Gold, Diamonds and Tiffany's" to get the most bang for my free, in accordance with that, my dear friend Bonnie actually threw me a diamond themed party. You gotta love people!

fully equipped with virgin Mai Tais and Margaritas and Sparkling cider...

 Lia playing with a balloon

Kiri slept for the first party and was eager to join in the fun
Great friends

Bonnie who refuses to willingly get pictures taken

and who bought me a tiara and earrings to wear for the night...

The cutest Kiri in the world!I'm calling it, they are a year and those BLUE eyes are sticking!

We had a fondue party....mmmmmm yummy!

...and she made me a rum raisin cake...the best flavor in the world!

She only had eight candles...fine with me!

The kids had a great time, too!It was a great night!

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Kristee and Jared said...

Happy birthday, Aimei! Looks like an awesome party!!