Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday parties and dinner get togethers

Rorke's birthday party...they had the cutest invitations that had a picture of Rorke dressed up as Buzz and cute!
We had to have a long talk about how the present was for Rorke and to not hover or be upset after he gave it to him.
Birthday hat...we are eternally grateful!

Rorke blowing out the cake...

Coolest Toy Story cake Ever! Lynlee made it herself!

Dinner with friends...Max and I wore our Jeremy Lin pride shirts! Thanks April and Nick for having us over...Spam and Musubi sometime for sure!

Her name is Lily and Max kept calling her 'Willy' and her brother Asher was Ashley...Max is so funny, we made fun of him once about it and he corrected himself and has never said it again...sort of sad, actually. Here Max is doing his impersonation of his favorite Chipmunk...Simon...I know, who likes Simon?

Me and the girls...Kiri and Lia
Chris...after we accidentally left our camera at their house.
Crepes with friends. Eric and Ben
Ben & Hillary...Picture perfect!
Sushi with Firefighter Steve and Ruth
They were gracious and let us order as long as general chicken was included. Here is the dragon roll we ordered. It was such a great time!
This guy sitting next to us kept going on and on about how Broden was the cutest kid ever...and then would look over at Max and say, 'oh, yea, he's cute, too.' Save it!

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Ruth said...

Love the post! Max is sooo cute. I love all of his comments:) Dinner was FUN;thanks again! Now we will know what to order better. We definatly had all the good stuff!