Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Here are the girls at our ward St. Patrick's Day Party...I love Kiri's face on the bottom picture...AAAAHHHH! We were asked to help out with the ward party this year. I did a little trivia about St Patrick's day. Eric did a stand-up routine...it was hilarious...some of it was lost on the hoard of children running around the room, but it was still a hit!
Here are some decorations...I used mostly things from our house...
Here are some favor bags I made filled with Lucky Charms. Gotta love free download-ables!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am constantly impressed with not only the talent that people in the world have, but their willingness to share their hard work, skills and knowledge on the Internet!

We had corned beef and lots and lots of green cupcakes...almost no sides...it was a surprise how many people brought cupcakes...but at least we had some fried chicken!!

I was happy to see how many people showed up and were sporting their Irish support in wearing green...did you know that originally the color associated with St Patrick's day was actually blue? Neither did I until this party.

Sister Wales, the bishop's wife (whose daughter Jaime also has twins) helped with the girls the ENTIRE night...we love her!

We had a cupcake walk...Max was SO much more interested in walking in a circle with friends to Irish music than the cupcakes. He's funny that way!

He embarrassed us and pitched a monster fit when Eric wouldn't let him have another go at the pinata. We quickly squashed that fit. I think if we hadn't been the ones hosting it and it had been another person in charge of the pinata he would have quietly obeyed...it was shameful, regardless!

The boy in the middle, Asher, is our friends' son and he whacked that egg so perfectly it the middle that it, literally, sliced it in half! Then, of course, the mad dash for the candy. Several kids had to be rescued and I sort of lost it and picked up the microphone and sternly reminded the kids that we were at church and should remember to S-H-A-R-E!!!

This is cute Lily, she had a mustache and beard that went with this hat...so cute! All-in-all, we think everyone had a good time...we give it...

Two thumbs up!


The Sandalls said...

Well, I'm sad this party was for our ward... You did an amazing job, Aimei like you always did here! I am amazed at how much you get accomplished with twins! You seem to throw a party every other night! You're amazing! Sure do miss you guys being our neighbors but looks like you're having a blast in Rock Springs! I love that Max loves super heroes so much, Bow is just now getting into that stage and its been fun! Your girlies are so adorable!

The Sandalls said...

I meant to say I'm sad this party WASN"T (was not) for our ward..... hehe