Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Disney's Toy Story 3 on Ice

Max has been looking forward to Disney on Ice for weeks!!! Every time he would see the commercials, he would beg to go!

He was so enthralled with the show that every time Eric and I would try to talk to him, he would exclaim, "I just need to watch the show!"

We had great seats and even better company. Lucy dressed up as Buzz and Max was Woody. Every time Woody was skating Max would say, "There I am!" When Buzz was on, he would look at Lucy and say, "Look, Lucy, there you are!!!"

I couldn't help but catch some of his excitement.

Eric could only hold Max and was not allowed to speak...actually, neither of us were!

Scarlet, Jason, Meradith, soon-to-be-here-baby and Lucy (Buzz).

I'm not sure what face Max is making. How cool are Lucy's pink boots, though, huh?

They were nice enough to let us bring in our own toys.

It was nice getting to spend some quality alone time with Max.

I love this picture, after the show was over, Max was so happy...he's been playing Toy Story for days!!!

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Meradith said...

haha you guys got some awesome pics of the ice skating! Way better than ours. Thanks again for inviting us, we loved it! And Lucy and Scarlett were riveted! I must say my favorite pics are of Max and Lucy standing up against that black wall. haha love their faces, Lucy looks like a deer in headlights with a dazed smile and Max looks like he hates his life! haha love it