Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Max's HalLoween!

Eric and I sent Max to California to be with my family for Halloween...they took him to one of my favorite places as a child...Children's which Jim replied, "I will not have a grandson of mine going to 'Fairyland' in San Francisco!"

Well, I'm sorry to report, he went and had a fabulous time!!!

Upset that someone disturbed his reading time!
Welcoming my mom into his humble abode.
Gotta remember to go to mom said that while we were gone, every time he would eat he would say, 'Father, blessing, food, Christ, Amen." It warms your heart as a mother to realize that you are teaching them and equipping them with the tools to go through life without you.
Max, taking off his shoes before going inside...little things like this show how quickly Max is growing up into a big boy.

Trying on the Spiderman mask...a new development this year has been his fear of masks...
Getting psyched for the big night...
Sadly, he this picture is the only one taken because after three houses and three separate failed attempts, they retired for the night! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!

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stina said...

He's getting so big! Where were you and Eric? Are you going to be in CA for any of the holidays??